My Three Cents


Sunday (8/26):

18 Miles Long (Const Trail, 2:38:27, 8:49 Pace)

Monday (8/27):

6 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 54:59, 9:10 Pace)

Tuesday (8/28):

3 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 23:44, 7:55 Pace)

Wednesday (8/29):


Thursday (8/30):

12 Miles LT w/7 Miles @ HMRP (Treadmill, 1:32:54, 7:45 Pace)

Friday (8/31):


Saturday (9/1):

11 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 1:29:55, 8:11 Pace)

Weekly Mileage:

Run: 50 Miles

This week I was able to get back to more of a regular running schedule. We had a couple of quick vet visits for Coco this week. The visits were good and tests are showing she is improving. The best part is she is acting like her old self again. I’m still getting used to my new workload at work. I’m finding that I’m more tired at the end of the day and I’m having to make more of an effort to get my workouts in. Hopefully I will feel like I’m back in a routine soon.

On one of my runs around the neighborhood I found money twice, the first time was two cents and then a penny later on. Ca-ching! Working out pays in so many ways, but on this run it literally paid in cash.

I don’t think I’ve ever found more than 30 cents on a training run.

How much have you ever found on a run or other workout? Find anything interesting other than money that was worth stopping for?

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