2012 Canal Connection 10K – 48:57

Race Takeaway: Running pregnant feels empowering.

Sunday Rob and I drove north to run the Canal Connection 10K in Utica, IL. This race is between two towns along a canal path that was used for moving barges along the water with mules pulling while walking along the path. This point to point race is scenic and time goes by really quickly as there are few turns and you are able to really just focus in on running from one end of the canal to the other.

It was chilly, high 40s – low 50s, with a light breeze. Rob and I purposely over dressed knowing that we would be running a slower pace. Rob would run with me and I would be running by feel. If I was feeling good I would pick up the pace, if I felt off, I would just back off. There was no pressure for time, just get out and have a good workout.

Me near the finish area. This is baby’s second 10K race (Morton Pumpkin Festival was the other 10K).

We got on the bus to take us to the other town and waited for the start. We did a light 1 mile warm up and then lined up way back, about 20 people deep from the start. And we were off. The first few miles felt good but I knew I was running too fast so we backed off a bit. We chatted about the algae along the canal, ducks that were around, and how running is probably so good for baby. I couldn’t stop thinking about how running pregnant feels pretty amazing. Before we knew it we were at the finish in 48:57.

I’m so glad we came out to race!



7:57 Pace

2011 Canal Connection 10K – 44:24

2010 Canal Connection 10K – 43:21

2009 Canal Connection 10K – 48:15

Our local running store Often Running has sale items at the event so I was able to pick up some larger running clothes to get me through the pregnancy and post-recovery.

I love Nike long-sleeved shirts, they are so soft!

I’ve never had Brooks running bras but for the price I will give them a try. I love adidas the most.

And some Mizuno winter pants.

4 thoughts on “2012 Canal Connection 10K – 48:57

  1. I was debating making the drive out west and doing that race last minute, but I’ve been having some new hip/groin pain and I’m doing a 10-mile race this upcoming weekend, so I decided to rest. Sounds like a nice race though, I’ll definitely keep it on my radar for 2013!

    LOVE that you feel running pregnant is empowering! That is so awesome! I’m sure if/when I ever get pregnant, my husband will try to encase me in bubble wrap …


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