Deep in the Heart of Texas

About a week ago I traveled for a work conference to Houston, TX. While most of the trip was work, I thought I would share some of the restaurants and my short experience visiting.

One of the first things we experienced upon arriving at the Hyatt Regency Downtown was learning about the Downtown Houston Tunnels. There are seven miles of tunnels underground that connect the corporate buildings. Plus there are restaurants and shops.

It was late afternoon so we made a quick decision to try out a local restaurant, Treebeards. It was quick southern comfort food. I tried the red beans and rice with mashed potatoes. It was filling and delicious.

The second day’s lunchtime meal was at Mia Bella Trattoria was a select your own pasta ingredients. I went with mushroom and sun-dried tomato with farfalle in a basil pesto sauce. It was so yummy and the price couldn’t be beat, $10! They had unique sauces like a mushroom pesto. I wish we had a place like this back home.

And probably the best lunch I tried on the trip was at the Grove. Nestled in a beautiful park, this green building grows it’s own herbs and produce, and filters their water on-site. This place also is dog friendly on the patio, which is a nice bonus.

I had the Crab and Shrimp Salad. It was perfection! The greens and zesty tomato taste was amazing. I also had truffle fries with parmesan. While they tasted like most truffle fries, they didn’t have that addictive quality going and I probably wouldn’t order them again. I also loved that they served a small amount of almonds in herbs (not pictured), rather than bread.

My favorite dinner was the one I got to have with my family. We don’t get to see each other nearly enough. The best part was spending time with my brother, my sister-in-law, niece and her boyfriend. Being with them made me feel like I was back home. I only wish Rob could have been there with us.


We ate at one of the best Mexican places in the Houston area, El Tiempo. Every thing tasted amazing! I had green spanish rice, which I have never tried before and it was so good! I had a fish and crab taco that was to die for. I should have cut it open before the picture to show the yumminess inside.

The weather was perfect for early November. Lows were 60s and highs were mid-80s. While I didn’t run outside during this trip, I did hit the hotel treadmill for miles ranging from 5-10 miles a pop. The gym at the Hyatt Regency Downtown is well equipped with Lifetime Fitness equipment that is well kept and maintained. This hotel also had access to the downtown tunnel system (didn’t learn that until the second day). I would say this is a runner friendly hotel and would recommend it to others.

One thought on “Deep in the Heart of Texas

  1. That is awesome – we ate at the same places when I was down here in January for the Trials. Glad you had similar views like I did 🙂 Congrats on the new one to be!!!!


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