2013 St. Pat’s 5K – 28:07 – 7 Months Pregnant

Race Takeaway: Getting out and moving feels amazing!

Today Rob and I had our regular workouts before running a local 5K race. Rob did 23 Miles hard on the treadmill as a part of his training for the IL Marathon. I got time in on my bike and did 15.5 miles.

Afterward, we headed to the race. The race shirt design and tech material was nice (Brooks).


It was 30ish degrees, mostly cloudy, and there was a strong breeze. Rob and I got in a 1.32 mile warm up beforehand.


After getting to hang out with everyone at the start line we were off in no time. I was able to run the whole way without stopping. My hips were sore the entire time, but I otherwise I felt amazing. It was so fun to be able to run with Rob and Baby J, enjoying the race.

I was even able to put in a little hustle at the end. Rob had quite the cool down for his long run. 🙂 He ended up with 27 miles for the day. We finished in 28:07! Not too bad for two days from being 7 months pregnant! 🙂



9:04 Pace

Overall: 317/692

F: 109/378

F 35-39: 28/77

2008 St. Pat’s 5K – 26:39

2009 St. Pat’s 5K – 26:33

2010 St. Pat’s 5K – 21:31

2011 St. Pat’s 5K – 20:29

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