Weeks 28 & 29 and the changes keep coming

The past couple weeks have been busy with both positive and sad things. In good news, I got a promotion at work and I will be starting in a new area. It will be an exciting opportunity!

In sad news, our kitty, Mocha, who was just about 18 years old needed to be in heaven. 😦 It has been a very challenging time for me to say goodbye to our family member who gave us so much love and happiness over the years. It has been a sad couple of weeks, but I do feel so fortunate that he was our cat.

I wanted to post a couple of pictures of him that were when he was 10 years old and more able-bodied.



We miss you everyday Kitty and we love you very much!!


So needless to say lately my workouts have been a little sporadic.

For March I was able to get in the following:

Run: 18.1 Miles

Bike: 170.1 Miles

Swim: 1 Mile

In other positive things, we did have a nice Easter. He is risen!! Here is a picture of Coco our pug-bunny when she was a little pup. πŸ™‚


Rob and I went to church, dyed eggs, and made a nice lunch.




Rob smoked a holiday ham that was the best I’ve ever had! Rob has been learning some smoking meat and BBQ techniques from BBQ Pit Boys.



I made sweet potato casserole, rolls, and no bake cheesecake from SkinnyTaste.com.


It feels like I blinked and went from 16 weeks pregnant to now over 7 months! Not much longer and we will be holding our sweet baby girl!

I had my 28 week appointment, which included the glucose test. After 13 hours of fasting (only water allowed), I drank the 10 oz fruit punch flavored drink that they described as Gatorade. Maybe it’s because I don’t drink regular Gatorade, but holy cow was it sweet. I tasted like melted popsicle at first, but I didn’t want 10 oz of that taste, yuck! I threw up a couple of times in my mouth, but was able to keep it down. I wasn’t allowed water until we were close to the third blood draw. I’ve never been so happy to drink water. πŸ™‚ I’m happy to report that everything passed and I don’t have gestational diabetes, yay! Now appointments will be every 2 weeks. I feel like each morning I wake up I feel bigger and bigger. Baby J has been kicking and moving like crazy too, which is awesome!

Week 28 bump pictures – 7 months!!



Black dress – Asos Maternity, Blush Open Toed Heels – Jessica Simpson


Grey long sleeved cotton t-shirt – Gap, Pink scarf – Old Navy

Black skinny jeans – Heidi Klum Maternity, Brown boots – Jessica Simpson

Week 29 bump pictures


Blue dress – Old Navy Maternity, Grey 3/4 sleeved knit top – The Limited, Brown Boots – Jessica Simpson



Blue sleeveless sheath dress – Rosie Pope Maternity, Black cardigan – Ann Taylor Loft Maternity, Blush open-toed heels – Jessica Simpson


Black dress – Rosie Pope Maternity, Black tights – Destination Maternity, Black heels – Nine West

In the coming weeks I will have updates of the nursery, what I’m packing for my hospital bag, and more! I hope you all had a Happy Easter weekend and enjoyed time with family and friends!

11 thoughts on “Weeks 28 & 29 and the changes keep coming

  1. Glad you had a pretty nice Easter weekend. I was actually just wondering about you and hoping you were doing well. I had thought you were a little further in your pregnancy so was like oh my lanta did she have her baby? Anyways, I’m sorry to hear about your cat and sending you thoughts. I know how hard/stressful that is.


  2. Sorry to hear about your kitty…but congrats on your promotion! So many big changes taking place for you recently. That Week 30 will be another milestone. I am sure your emotions are getting thrown for a loop with everything huh πŸ˜‰ You are looking great though and hope you are feeling wonderful as well!


    1. Thanks lady! Yeah I’m holding in there with all the ups and downs of life. πŸ˜‰ Sometimes I dunno if it’s being pregnant or that it’s that I can have a hard run and get a good sweat. Not much longer and Baby J will be in the stroller and we will be off and running again. πŸ™‚


  3. I am so sorry to hear about Mocha. What a long life he had and boy was he a gorgeous one! We lost 2 kitties in the past 2 years and it just REALLY sucks.
    Tell Rob his ham looked great. Jason is a fellow smoker of fine meats. πŸ™‚
    You look great by the way!!


    1. Thanks Jill! Mocha was an amazing cat and so pretty, hard to believe I got him as a barn cat! πŸ™‚

      Oh boy, I bet Jason and Rob would have a lot of information to swap. πŸ™‚


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