2013 CCHS 5K – 37:01 – 8 Months Pregnant

Today Rob and I went to the CCHS 5K to run/walk. I’m just over 8 months pregnant so we would just run or walk whatever felt comfortable for me.

Ready to go, wearing the 2012 Boston Marathon shirt. I bought an extra one from another runner that was oversized so I could wear it pregnant.


It was upper 40 degrees, sunny and windy. We got to catch up with our friends and hear about their recent races and training schedules.


Finally we were out lined up in the back to start the race. Rob let me set the pace, which was 10 – 11 minute pace. After 1 mile I did a walk break, then again around 1.75, and one last one around mile 2. Race spectators were great and cheered us on, including baby. ๐Ÿ˜€

Rob was an awesome husband and checked on my often to make sure I was okay. My heart, lungs, and even hips felt good! The only thing that was sore was my pelvis and I was feeling all the pressure of my belly and the baby. When we got to the last mile I picked it back up. The race finished with about 400 meters on the high school track. I loved that part and picked up my pace to 7:30.

For run/walking I ended up at 37:01 (11:56 pace). This will likely be my last version of running in a race until after the baby. If I’m able to do the 5K and 10K at IL Marathon next weekend, I will be walking. It all depends on how I feel that day.

It felt so good to be out today and see everyone!

9 thoughts on “2013 CCHS 5K – 37:01 – 8 Months Pregnant

  1. You being able to do this is such an inspiration. I love how you have run and kept fit through out your entire pregnancy but never pushed yourself into something uncomfortable. It’s truly remarkable!


    1. I had to buy bigger sports bras from adidas and Nike. I got a bigger pair of Nike running shorts and then pants from GapFit. I had some old medium shorts and capris from a few years ago that I was able to pull out of my closet and wear to get by.


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