Week 39 – Labor Fake Outs


Our week 39 doctor appointment went without a hitch. No issues, but really no progress either. So at this point it’s just business as usual and playing the waiting game. It hasn’t been easy to go through the ups and downs of “is it time?” with the fake labor fake outs this week. I will get cramping and feel like that it could be the start of something and then eventually it all goes away and I feel completely fine. One time I even felt pretty significant cramping on and off for four hours. So then I was thinking, “okay this has to be the start of the real deal”. And then out of nowhere the pain completely stopped and I’m totally fine. So hard to tell when it will really happen.

I have been sleeping well. I must be getting prepared for Baby J’s arrival though because I can nap for 1.5 hours and then feel completely refreshed for a 3-4 hours and then I’m ready for a quick nap again.

When Baby J makes her arrival I will be posting to twitter so follow me if you want to get updates @MrsCJ2003. 🙂

Week 39 bump picture


White Tank – Motherhood Maternity, Lime Long Sleeved Top – Ann Taylor Loft

Navy and White Striped Maxi Dress – Motherhood Maternity, Gold Sandals – Coach


For nursery progress we picked up a couple more things for Baby J’s room. First, we picked up the following lamp from PBTeen.com. We will likely be adding a dimmer to the outlet so this can work as a night light for night time feedings.



Second, we got an end table for next to the glider from Pier 1. We needed a table for sitting bottles, burp cloths, or anything that we need handy while in the glider.




Rob has been hard at work on our next airplane, a Wag Aero Clipped Wing Sport Trainer (aka Clipped Wing Cub). This is one rib, of 26 that will ultimately form the wing. Each little piece of wood was cut and shaped by Rob and then glued (structural epoxy, not Elmer’s). The process requires a lot of attention to detail, which Rob is really good at and I think he is enjoying the process. 🙂


You can see the build progress at www.rv-builder.com.

One thought on “Week 39 – Labor Fake Outs

  1. Wow this is making me so excited for you. The babies room is incredibly cute and I cannot wait for the baby to come! You are so cute and have the perfect looking pregnancy. I’m so happy everything has gone so smoothly for you. 🙂


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