Sunday was Father’s Day and it was extra special because this was Rob’s first one. I wasn’t sure what my pregnancy status would be on June 16th so I gave him the big part of his gift early. I got him the Big Green Egg in Large. I think he was totally surprised. Rob has enjoyed smoking meats on his charcoal Webber grill, so this present would kick it up a notch.

Chase and I also got a bib and onesie saying “Daddy’s little co-pilot”. πŸ™‚

On Father’s Day Rob smoked his first beef brisket at it was amazing! We had it sliced and had the leftovers as steak tacos.


I made him breakfast of eggs, center cut bacon, and whole wheat waffles. Then for dinner to go with the brisket I made smores cupcakes that I got from the following blog. Mine were not as fancy, but since I never bake this was pretty fancy pants for me. πŸ™‚


Rob is a wonderful father. He is so hands on with her, from changing diapers to telling Chase stories, he is always there to do whatever she needs.

Chase’s first doctor’s appointment.


Out for a walk.


Happy Father’s Day to my husband! Chase and I are lucky to have you!

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