Chase Weeks 5 & 6 – Soaking up time with her

Time with Chase has been just wonderful! I would write a longer post about everything, but I need that time with Chase. Here is a quick post about the past couple of weeks.

Week 5 Photos


Bloomers – Etsy Store: BloominBloomers, Pug Onesie – Etsy Store: SquishyBee

Headband – Etsy Store (no longer available)

Week 6 Photo


Headband – Etsy Store: CutieButtsBoutique, Dress – gift

Week 5 and 6 Milestones:

She is sleeping in larger chunks at night of 3-4 hours and gets up twice an evening for a diaper change and feeding. Her naps are more stretched out from originally 30-45 minutes and then wanting up to feed to 2 hours. When she is up, she is more interactive and for longer periods of time. We play on her play mat, do tummy time, sing, tell stories, and show her new toys or textures. She is rolling from her back to her side, which is exciting. During her tummy time she really gets her legs moving like she is ready to walk. It’s going to be crazy to see her take off crawling and then walking! It’s also fun to see her genuine smiles for us or for something funny going on than just for gas. She cracks up often and loves us entertaining her.

Week 5 and 6 Workouts:

I’m still getting in workouts when they fit based on that particular day. I haven’t time for workout DVDs lately, but I have been able to pick up my free weights and get in some reps when Chase is napping.

Monday 7/15: Off

Tuesday 7/16: 2 Miles (‘Hood, 18:49, 9:25 Pace)

Wednesday 7/17: Off

Thursday 7/18: 1.13 Miles (Treadmill, 0.5% Incline, 9:52, 8:44 Pace)

Friday 7/19: 2 Miles (Treadmill, 0.5% Incline, 17:15, 8:38 Pace)

Saturday 7/20: Off

Sunday 7/21: Weights, 3 Miles (Treadmill, 0.5% Incline, 23:56, 7:59 Pace)

Weekly Totals:

Run: 8.13 Miles

Strength: 1 Time

Monday 7/22: Off

Tuesday 7/23: Weights

Wednesday 7/24: 3.05 Miles Walk (‘Hood, 53:22, 17:30 Pace), 2.3 Miles (‘Hood, 21:16, 9:15 Pace)

Thursday 7/25: 1.61 Miles Walk (‘Hood, 27:15, 16:56 Pace), 2.29 Miles (‘Hood, 20:02, 8:45 Pace)

I will have some races coming up in August. I know that I will be running slower paced than I have in years and I will completely die, but it’s going to feel so good to get out there and be back at it again. 🙂

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