Chase 2 Months Old – Flexibility is key

Chase is 2 Months Old!!!

Well actually she’s 9 weeks old, silly calendar. 🙂 However, since she’s made it to the 2 month mark, I will now track her growth and progress in months than weeks.

2 Month Photos




2 Months – Baby Milestones

Chase some more head control. She can hold her head up with less wobble on tummy time or when being held. It will be exciting when she has full head control and starts to sit up more on her own.

She also has better hand control. She has figured out how to reach and bat at something she has targeted. Also, she doesn’t grab at her eyes or hit herself as much and instead is able to suck on her fists. This has helped a lot in reducing her getting upset by her flailing arms hitting her in the face. 🙂

Chase has also discovered her feet! It’s fun to watch her pump her feet and look at them in amazement.


Chase is doing great at daycare! She’s eating well and is getting better with her naps. It’s such a peaceful place and there is currently just 4-6 in her class, including her. I was able to stop in one of the days and breastfeed her over lunch. I am feeling much better about the whole thing, even though it is still hard to be away from her.

Chase’s first day


Picking Chase up one of the days.


2 Months – Momma Update

Based on my last post you can tell I was in a worried state prior to going back to work. I would say this is typical for me when it comes to anything new. This would be very emotional for me and Rob to be away from Chase and leave her in daycare, plus this we are going through a big adjustment to our morning routine.

Now only 2 weeks later and the stress of how it will all get done is fading. Instead I feel that we’ve become flexible to what the day brings and adjust from there. Rob and I will get to the important tasks of the day (ex: making sure that Chase has enough bottles and supplies for daycare) and that the rest will just get done eventually (ex: folding laundry). We make a good team too, which is HUGE. I always feel that Rob and I tag team tasks well instead of each of us having specific tasks. It works for us well and I think we both anticipate how to help the other out.

I am still stressed about breast milk. I’m barely keeping up with Chase’s eating. I’m drinking TONS of water, pumping, taking fenugreek, and eating oatmeal, but the improvements have been minor so far. There is a chance that we may need to introduce some formula to supplement the breast milk, but we shall see. Hopefully I can continue to stay in front of her intake. At least she’s such a good eater!


With the new found flexibility I have been getting my workouts when Chase is asleep before work. One day that meant jumping at the opportunity to run at 3:30am before work. When her sleep and feedings don’t align with my morning workout time Rob and I have been doing runs after work since the weather has been milder. I’ll have more posts about my running progress soon.

2 Month – Product Fave

Baby Bjorn Babbysitter Balance Bouncer and Wooden Activity Bar – best baby bouncer ever!!!


4Moms mommaroo – We got the standard seat, which is nylon and I now wish we would have got the plush. Our daycare has it and it’s more cushy. The adjustable positioning and multiple swing types (car ride, kangaroo, tree sing, etc.) are what set it apart. The toy mobile isn’t that special and I don’t think Chase has ever been entertained by it. She still enjoys her Fischer Price Snugabunny swing moving bird mobile, especially just before falling asleep.

4Moms Bath – I have nothing to compare this with, but I can’t imagine using another baby bath. This one is amazing and grows with your child.

Fischer-Price Discover ‘n Grow Kick and Play Piano Gym – This is one of Chase’s favorite things to do is play on this mat. She loves kicking and music playing from her kicks.


I’d write more, but I’m typing one handed with a baby in my arms. 🙂 So hopefully more to share soon. 🙂

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