Chase 3 Months Old – And a Special Occasion

Chase is now 3 months (13 weeks) old!! It’s amazing to see the changes in her every day, she’s growing up so fast!

3 Month Photos





Purple Dress – Target, Headband – Etsy Store: my2lilpixies

3 Month – Baby Milestones

Chase is still improving with her head control. She’s getting so close to being able to hold her head up. She’s also continuing to get better leg and arm control. This month it’s been fun to see her genuine smile and excitement to see us, it’s just heart melting! Plus she’s starting to laugh at things she finds funny (like just lightly tickling her or kissing her hands). Her laugh is one of the best sounds I’ve ever heard. 😀

Chase was baptized on Sunday, September 8th at the church where we got married, which made it so special.

Rob and I – 2003



Chase’s big day. Ready to head to church.


This was Chase’s first church service. It was when she normally takes a nap, but the singing and organ music kept her awake. Chase’s baptism was in the middle of the service so Rob and I were on pins and needles wondering if she would last until then without freaking out and crying. Also, we were worried about an explosive poop before or during the ceremony. Luckily she wasn’t upset by her new surroundings and enjoyed sitting in her car seat with her wubbanub giraffe.


She was totally calm during the actual baptism and we made it through with no tears!

After the ceremony, Chase is asleep.

We had family over for the occasion, including uncle Drew!


This fall we our wolf pack (Rob, me, and Drew) will be out racing with our newest member, wolf cub Chase. 🙂 Team Throwdown will need a onesie for Chase and a new team picture. 🙂

Team Throwdown – 2010

December 2010 - Las Vegas 030 small

December 2010 - Las Vegas 033 small

December 2010 - Las Vegas 034 small


Speaking of running, my workouts are still hit and miss since they greatly depend on Chase’s sleep and breastfeeding needs. I’m still barely keeping up with her in milk supply so we haven’t supplemented with formula yet. Even if we have to eventually I will still be breastfeeding as long as I can.

As for sleep, Chase’s sleep is good for a few nights (up 2-3 times in the night) and then awful for a few nights (up off and on all night long, wanting to be held the whole time), which makes morning running difficult. I’ve been zapped of energy between the lack of sleep, work, and breastfeeding that working out only happens when a small window of opportunity arrises. Luckily the weather is finally mild again so most evenings Rob, Chase, and I should be able to go out for a run again. I love fall weather! It will be so nice to be out as a family running. While I’m not in any sort of shape, I’m still planning to run (and die) at some upcoming races. I figured it’s better to be out. I love running so much that I will have fun even when I’m dying from my lack of stamina.

More on that soon!!

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