Chase 6 Months Old – Big Girl Moments

Chase is having big girl moments nearly every day. It’s so amazing to watch her sweet personality develop. All the little things like she crosses her legs when she lays back to relax and that she loves blowing raspberries. She even woke herself up in the morning blowing them, too cute!

Baby Info / Milestones

Chase weighs 16 pounds and 9 ounces.

Chase is now eating solids twice a day (lunch and dinner). She’s eating  a lot breast milk/formula so much so now that we’ve gone from 75% being breast milk to now 75% is formula. My supply isn’t keeping up, but I’m still able to supplement her.

Chase is passing toys from one had to the other, her pincher grasp is improving, and she is able to lean forward and grab toys while in a seated position.

6 Month Photos





We also had a 6 month professional photo shoot. It was early afternoon, right after Chase’s nap and she wasn’t willing to give out her big smiles just yet since she woke up in a strange place. 🙂 We still got some sweet pictures.










Baby Sleep / Mama Sleep

After Thanksgiving Chase got the flu and then she was constipated. Needless to say eating well and sleeping well both took a hit. It was a very hard few weeks. As soon as she was feeling better her eating was back on track and then it was time to get her sleep figured out. We bit the bullet and went cold turkey to the crib. She was fussy, but at it was amazing how after a short amount of time she was putting herself to sleep. The longest she fussed was 35 minutes. Don’t get me wrong, it was the WORST 35 minutes of my life. Rob had to help me from rushing to her. After her fussing she was sleeping in her crib 5 hours or more at a time! Other nights she was fussing only 2-9 minutes. Now she can sleep 10-12 hours straight! When she wakes up she will fuss and put herself back to sleep. When she has trouble soothing herself, we try a few minutes using the CoCaLo Perfect Calming Center Baby Mat and it usually does the trick. It is truly amazing to have Chase successfully sleeping in her crib. And the added bonus is I’m getting quality sleep too! 😀

My Workouts

My workouts were non-existent during the three weeks Chase wasn’t feeling well. But after things came together with her sleep I was able to start running a couple of miles here and there again. Plus finally sleeping better was making me feel better all around.

I will begin a new training plan after Christmas for the IL Half Marathon. In comparison to my pre-baby training plans, this will be very conservative. Still it will feel so rewarding to embark on a training plan while also working and being a mom to an infant. I’ll have more to share on that in a future post. 🙂

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