Chase 7 Months Old – Baby Love

Ugh! 7 Months snuck up so fast!! My mind is swirling on all the items that are happening with Chase and to what is ahead of us. Like changing from lying back to get a bath to sitting up, mastering the sippy cup, enjoying teething biscuits, and drooling a ton, and biting everything. Plus soon she will be ready for actual pieces of foods, we need to baby proof, she will be changing classes at daycare, and we need to get new car seats soon!

Here are some sweet 7 month pictures of Chase. 😀




Baby Sleep

I still can’t believe that after not being a great sleeper for the first 5 months, that Chase now sleeps really well at night. She goes to be around 7pm and we may get up once or twice at night. She rouses around midnight and if she can’t get herself back to sleep I feed her. If she does get back to sleep then she’s up again at 3am for a feeding.

Baby Nutrition

Chase has been eating very well! She has explored a lot of stage 2 foods which include mixes of various fruits and vegetables. Chase has added to her palate the following foods: blueberries, broccoli, quinoa, apricot, white beans, pumpkin, avocado, and chick peas.

Other Stuff

Chase got to attend her first birthday party ever for her friend Kyleigh who was 1 year old. 🙂



Hanging out with her pug Coco. Coco is not good at holding still to be pet, but Chase keeps trying. 🙂 I don’t think Coco will know what to do when Chase is able to run after her.



A couple sweet moments with Chase in her nursery.




Ugh!!! So much baby love that my heart bursts!!!

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