Before & After: Hall Closet

For home projects I’m going to try and capture a Before & After of what we have updated. This week we tackled the hall closet and boy did it need it! 🙂

Before – basically it looks like a couple of college students live in our house and just throw whatever in there and shut the door. We wanted to just get it organized so it will be nice when guests come over. We decided to get the same system we have in Chase’s room from the Container Store. It’s the Elfa Platinum Ventilated system. We did the customize your system feature they have to make sure it worked specifically for our space.


During – So this was an easy update. Just pull out all the mess and repaint. We chose a paint that closely matches the previous paint color. The main area and hallways are a butter cream type color that we got from Olympic when we had our house built, I can’t remember the color. We are planning to freshen up all the paint and decided to keep the same color type. This one is just a shade lighter, which I think makes it look brighter and works perfectly. It’s Parchment Paper by Behr. I can’t wait to get the rest of the house updated with this shade.


After – Ah!!! Much better. 🙂 This version of the system “Platinum Ventilated” is inexpensive when it comes to closet organization systems. We were able to get this updated for $200. Now that we have a nice system I know that Rob and I will keep it uncluttered. We don’t need 50 pairs of shoes in our downstairs closet like before. 🙂 It’s funny how an organization system seems to keep our messes in check. I love having the system in Chase’s room and I know I will love using this one. I can’t wait to update the rest of our house with these.


Can’t wait to post more on home updates and organization!

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