2014 Park to Park – 5 Mile – 48:06

The fourth of July Rob and Drew were set to run the Park to Park 5 Miler in Bloomington, IL. Turns out the weather was going to be very mild so the day before I decided I would run and push Chase in the stroller. It would be a good workout and our friends Jon and Brandi would be there too running with their daughter Kyleigh.

This course used to run between two parks (hence the name), but the course was updated a few years back and it’s now a point to point race from Miller Park in Bloomington, IL to the Corn Crib in Normal, IL. There is a shuttle service between the locations, but we just take an extra car and park one at the start and finish.

Waiting around at Miller Park, I checked out the slide.



Drew and Rob flexin’


Chase and I started towards the back. The course was quite congested the first 2 miles, but since we were just out for the workout it was okay. I tried to stay to the right as much as possible so I was out of the other runner’s way. This course has got some hills in it with the biggest one at mile 4. Running with a stroller is tough work too! Chase enjoyed a nap the whole way, she loves falling asleep when we go for a run. 🙂

We came in at 48:06. Rob finished in 37:27 and Drew in 44:01. It was a great start to the 4th! We spent the rest of the day relaxing and Rob made bbq ribs on the big green egg. 🙂


48:06 (pushing stroller)

9:37 Pace

F 35-39: 25/?

Overall: 471/?

Past race performances:

2012 Park to Park 5 Mile – 39:23

2011 Park to Park 5 Mile – 36:11

2010 Park to Park 5 Mile – 34:34

2009 Park to Park 5 Mile – 44:47


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