2014 – Rock and Roll Chicago Half Marathon – 2:00:35

Race Takeaway: An exhausting night = a punishing race

Before I get to talking about the race here is the rest of my training plan:

Week 15: 18 Miles Run

  • 7/7: 3 Miles Easy, 25:20, Treadmill, 1% Incline, 8:27 Pace
  • 7/11: 5 Miles Easy, 44:18, Const Trail, 8:52 Pace
  • 7/12: 10 Miles Long, 1:25:20, Treadmill, 1% Incline, 8:32 Pace

Week 16: 20.1 Miles Run

  • 7/14: 4 Miles Easy, 35:41, ‘Hood, 8:56 Pace
  • 7/17: 3 Miles Easy, 26:23, Treadmill, 1% Incline, 8:48 Pace
  • 7/20: 13.1 Miles Race, 2:00:35, RNR Chicago Half Marathon, 9:13 Pace

Drew and I would be running the half marathon Sunday and Rob, Chase, Katie, and Carter would be there to cheer us on. We started off Saturday, July 19th with lunch in town before heading to the expo.

Chase and Carter. She’s wearing her “My Mom Rocks” onsie for the Rock and Roll Chicago Half Marathon.


Carter, Katie, and Chase


Packet pick up was at McCormick Place and was easy like usual. Me and Chase.


Drew, Me, and Chase.


Nestle Quik Bunny!


After getting settled into our hotel room we took a walk to grab dinner. The weather was gorgeous, just 70 degrees. It was going to be a very mild morning for a mid-July race.

Me, Rob, and Chase.



Drew, Katie, and Carter.


On our way to dinner as we were crossing the river we saw this amazing wedding photo being taken. It was so cool looking, yet quite dangerous!


Drew and I both love the ginger salmon at P.F. Changs, but the menu changed and it was no longer an option. While it was a nice visit and we were able to easily get a table, I wasn’t a fan of the menu and may not seek out P.F. Changs in the future.

After dinner we put Chase to bed at her regular time and she was not pleased. This was only our second over night stay and first hotel experience with Chase. It took an hour to get her settled, but then she popped up every hour upset from 8pm to 2am. The only way to get her to settle and rest was to hold her. I ended up sitting up from 2am holding her, looking at a dark room, waiting for 4:50am to come. It was so exhausting. Plus I felt guilty for putting Chase through that, but I guess we didn’t know until we gave it a try. Needless to say we won’t be putting her through that again anytime soon. We will be avoiding overnight trips for a while.

4:50am finally came and we got ourselves ready, we met up with Drew, Katie, and Carter and headed to the start.

Ready to do this.


Family photo time.


The weather was perfect, especially for July. The 6:30am start is also a big help as well. Drew and I waited around and tried to catch a glimpse of Shalane Flanagan, but had no luck. Drew was in Corral 4 and I was in 8.

View from the Corral.


I made a classic Chicago race faux paus. I forgot to turn off auto lap on my Garmin. The satellite connection isn’t good in the heart of the city and thus most of the race it’s impossible to get an accurate pace reading. So I just ran as best as I could considering I was so tired just after a couple of miles. I knew I was in for a long race. Luckily the course was near our hotel and we were able to see Rob, Chase, Katie, and Carter. Rob was able to get a picture of Shalane as she flew by.


It was so uplifting to see them at mile 4 and 5.5. Seeing Rob and Chase made me excited to try to make them proud.

Drew at mile 4


Me at mile 4


I came across the 10K mark at 55 minutes and talked myself into just needing to do it one more time (with a little extra), but my energy just wasn’t there. I was slogging through the miles. Luckily I ran into our friend Carissa around mile 8. She’s a momma of a 2 year old and we chatted about how it’s hard it is to fit in training and also the challenges of getting back into racing post-baby. We encouraged each other to keep pushing that we are tough mommas and can get this finished. I lost her at the next water stop, but it was comforting knowing she was out there too.

I ran into Drew around mile 8.5 almost as soon as I lost Carissa. He asked how I was doing and I bluntly told the truth “like crap”. Drew was encouraging and we kept going. We lost each other about a mile later, but with just a few more miles to go it was going to be easier to find each other at the finish. I put my head down and I thought about while I’m exhausted right now, there is a mom out there crying and worried about the health of her child. The whole purpose was to use something I love to do, running, to support a cause, St. Jude Children’s Research hospital. My pain from this race would stop and fade away, but the pain a parent feels when their child is seriously ill, I’m not sure if that ever leaves. I can’t imagine and my thoughts were with them as I got to that finish line, 2:00:35. I found Drew easily at the finish, he completed it in 2:07. One of the first things I said to Drew was “thank goodness that wasn’t a hot race, I would have been even more miserable”. We grabbed some post-race snacks, which I like giving to a homeless person on the walk back to the hotel. It’s not much, but it’s something.

Thank you for all of those who support St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital with your donations and prayers. And a special thank you to those who helped with my fundraising: Lisa, Erin S, Erin C, and Kiki! Thank you SO much!!!! If you still want to donate, it’s never too late. You can still make a donation from my fundraising page or through St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital directly, either works!



9:13 Pace

2014 Rock and Roll Chicago Half Marathon Medal


Past races:

2012 – RNR Chicago Half Marathon – 1:54:07

2011 – RNR Chicago Half Marathon – 1:39:54

2010 – RNR Chicago Half Marathon – 1:36:16

2009 – RNR Chicago Half Marathon – 1:55:44

One thought on “2014 – Rock and Roll Chicago Half Marathon – 2:00:35

  1. Congrats on your race!

    In the grand scheme of things it’s a short phase, but man, I’m so looking forward to uninterrupted nights of sleep again. I feel you. Awesome job pushing through it!


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