2014 We Care Twin Cities – 5K – 25:33

Race Takeaway: Even if I’m not prepared, it’s good to keep racing.

This weekend is the We Care Twin Cities race events in our town. Plus I will be racing every day because after doing the local 5K Friday and 10K Saturday, I am driving up to run Quad Cities Half Marathon Sunday morning. I am in no way prepared to run half marathon or this much in one weekend, but eh I figure I should survive it. I would rather go for it than not even try, especially since we are having great weather this weekend!

Friday night we grabbed a quick dinner and headed over to the expo to pick up our packets and shirts. Rob would be completing the “half challenge” (5K + Half Marathon) and I would be doing the mini-challenge (5K + 10K), which had a sweet medal made of wood. The 5K start is right next to the expo, so it’s logistically really easy. It was sunny and very warm at the start, 6pm.


While the 5K race is small in attendance, it feels bigger because it runs on our trail system, the Constitution Trail. It makes for a very congested start and we stay in the back since we had Chase in the stroller. It took about a .5 mile before we broke out of the crowd a bit and could set our own pace. I wanted to push myself and have a better time than last year, but not over do it and wear myself out either since there were more races still to do. I was able to accomplish my goal and complete in 25:33, beating last years time by a little bit. Plus I felt good afterward, so I was hopeful the 10K would well tomorrow. I got 3rd in my Age Group and Rob got 2nd in his.



8:15 Pace

F 35-39: 3/18

F: 13/113

Overall: 32/170

Past Performances:

2013 We Care Twin Cities – 5K – 25:42

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