Running with an iPhone 6+: Product Review MRB double pocket belt

Early morning of apple pre-order for iPhone 6 and 6+ I was quick to submit my order. Without much consideration of my lifestyle I picked the iPhone 6+. I was just naturally going to pick the biggest and best option since it’s a 2 year commitment, I want to maximize features. And then thanks to it being on back order I had a few weeks to second guess my decision with everyone I came in contact with. Rob had to hear my pros/cons multiple times at nauseum, thanks baby! 🙂 The dimensions were wigging me out and then #BendGate hit social media. I was glad to be getting the latest iPhone, but did I pick the wrong size? I couldn’t cancel my order so I would only be able to exchanged it once it arrived.

My lifestyle considerations for a huge phone like iPhone 6+ were the following:

  • Not being able to potentially put my phone in my back pocket for a couple of reasons: #BendGate and the fact that the phone is so huge hanging out of a back pocket, could it fall out or get stolen. Plus I couldn’t even put it in my pocket and sit on it like my older and smaller iPhone. This is an issue because being a mom, I’m accustomed to shoving my phone into my pocket, sitting on it, and not thinking about it. This would just be a change in behavior.
  • Which leads to what pockets in my purse and what purses will this huge phone fit into? Lots of measuring and I got through this one.
  • One handed texting and use of the phone. With my old iPhone I could text and use apps one handed, which was great when carrying things or our baby. Will I be able to adjust to a potential lifestyle of using two hands more often? The phone has some features to make one handed use possible, but still it’s big freakin phone.
  • Finally and the most important adjustment for me is running. I run with my phone for long runs and longer distance races. Can I even find a running belt to fit this thing? I LOVE my SpiBelt, but there was no way it would fit my original. The endurance sizing appears to be about .25 inches too small. I emailed the company asking if/when they will have a new model for iPhone 6+ and I have not heard anything back. When I searched online I found little options. I found a running belt that appeared to have the right dimensions so I ordered it and awaited my new phone, with fingers crossed.

When my phone finally arrived my worries melted away by its coolness. I was instantly hooked and was willing to duct tape the phone to my forehead if that is what it would take to run with it. 🙂 Okay, maybe not that extreme.

Note: I have my iPhone 6+ in a case from CaseMate, The Glam Collection in Clear/Champaign. I like a minimal case that allows the color on the back (gold) show through. I bought it in store at Best Buy. Here is the same case for the regular iPhone 6 for reference.

The running belt that I ordered is MRB (my running belt) double pocket belt from It’s double pocket is nice because that allows keys or fuel to be stored separate from my phone. The belt and clip are huge! It seems like a weight lifter belt, but it does fit comfortably. It doesn’t have a way to fasten a bib number like my SpiBelt, so I will have to pin my bib on my shirt or come up with another option. The iPhone 6+ is a snug fit (with my minimal case on it), but it does fit. Unfortunately that means it’s not easy to grab and take a quick picture mid-run so if I want to take pics I may only get those pre/post run. These belts are not water proof so I like to put my phone in a Ziploc baggie. I was able to make my phone fit with a ziplock baggie, but it took more work to get it to fit.

My first run with it was 3.5 miles which was at least long enough to decide if it is functional. I tend to like to have the fanny pack side on my back than my front. I noticed that the awkward shape of the phone caused the bouncing to be noticeable and annoying when on my backside, so I spun it around mid-run and kept it in front. The size of the phone puts the edge of it near the front of my hip. I’m not sure if long distance this will become problematic, but I didn’t notice it on this shorter run. If it does become a problem, I will update this post. Also, it didn’t bounce in the front so it went unnoticed while I ran.

I’m sure more accessories for iPhone 6+ will come out in due time, but I just couldn’t wait. I will post reviews if I try any other types of running belts.

If you have any product suggestions for running with iPhone 6+ please comment on this post. Or if you have any tips or recommendations for this phone in general, please post those too! Thanks! Happy running!! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Running with an iPhone 6+: Product Review MRB double pocket belt

  1. Funny…I went through the exact same internal (and external!) process exactly…from the 1:00 a.m. order to every concern in between…and all concerns dissolving away when the phone arrived. But, the running solution didn’t happen until today. The 6 plus wouldn’t fit in my double pocket Spibelt…obviously. I had a Flipbelt and that was the general consensus best bet for the 6 plus, but I didn’t have a waterproof pouch and my old iphone did get wet in the Flipbelt. I tried an Alocksak, which are great pouches, but even without the extra pouch the phone is a really tight fit in the Flipbelt and it doesn’t fit snug against the body with the big phone in it…plus with bendgate in the back of my head I had fears of the phone bending from the pressure of the belt. Yesterday I had a brainstorm: I took the extra pocket off my Salomon long distance belt and put it on the Spibelt. It worked perfectly. The phone fits easily in the pocket with no pressure and is safe from rain/sweat or whatever. The Spibelt strings right through the loops for the accessory pocket and holds it up very nicely. After 5 minutes on the road and some slight adjustments, I found the no-bounce comfortable position and that was it. Problem solved. I have a very similar minimal clear case…but this pocket would easily fit any case. Here’s the accessory pocket I used:

    Of course I could have just kept the pocket on the big Salomon belt and used that, but who wants to carry all that luggage on anything under a 10 miler…so this is the solution I’m going with until someone customizes something better.


    1. Thanks so much for sharing your solution for running with the iPhone 6+. I may try out what you have done and see how that works too. It’s good to have options! Hopefully SpiBelt and other companies come out with new options as well.


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