2014 Canal Connection – 10K – 51:58

Sunday, November 2nd we drove up to Utica, IL to run Canal Connection 10K. Drew and I were the runners and Chase and Rob were pit crew. I’ve probably mentioned this is other posts about this race, but it’s a point to point race between LaSalle and Utica via a tow path along a canal. The rock and dirt tow path was used years ago with horses tied to barges/cargo that was floating in the canal.

It was a sunny, but chilly morning, around 40 degrees with 12 mph winds. While it was chilly, I prefer to be under dressed than over dressed. I went with long sleeved shirt, shorts, and hat.

We grabbed our packets, said goodbye to Rob and Chase, and hoped on the bus to take us over to LaSalle. We hung out in a school building until the race start, chatting with our friend Brandi. We did only a 2 minute warm up before the start. We tucked into the middle of the starting line and then we were off.

The first mile goes through town and across a bridge. Then it’s a right turn down hill onto the path. The course is well marked and there are water stop options at mile 2 and 4. I put my head down and just plugged away at the miles. Time flew by and before I know it we are on the final mile and about to make our turn out uphill and out of the path. Rob and Chase were there to greet me, which was the best sight and motivated me to finish it up.


Official results had me at 51:58 and Drew at 56:10 (PR for Drew!).





8:22 Pace

Past race performances:

2012 Canal Connection 10K – 48:57

2011 Canal Connection 10K – 44:24

2010 Canal Connection 10K – 43:21

2009 Canal Connection 10K – 48:15

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