2014 Festival of Lights – 4M – 30:45

Race Takeaway: I will run for bloody marys. 🙂

This post is long overdue….

This race was at the end of 2014, the Saturday after Thanksgiving (11/29), Rob and I ran the Peoria Festival of Lights River Trail Classic 4 Miler. We had a perfect day for the race it was sunny, light breeze, and the temps were in the mid-30s. This race is typically freezing temps so this was a nice day to get out and run. Chase was recovering from a cold so we kept her home with our sitter.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts about this race, it’s a point to point course with a night downhill grading most of the way. If you get there early enough you could opt to run the course backward and get in a 4 mile warmup to the start. We took the buses and did a shorter .4 mile warm up before it was time to go.

Rob and I started way to far in the back, which meant being slowed down at the beginning while trying to find opportunities to get around people. Rob took off in front of me and easily in the first mile I found my pace and was able to keep things pretty even splits around 7:40s.

I finished in 30:45 and Rob was done in 28:xx. The results for this race are not easily available on the internet.

Afterward we enjoyed some breakfast and Smoking Aces Bloody Mary’s at One World. 😀




7:41 Pace

Previous Performances:

2012 Festival of Lights – 4M – 30:16 (11 weeks pregnant)

2011 Festival of Lights – 4M – 27:41

2010 Festival of Lights – 4M – 26:16

2009 Festival of Lights – 4M – 27:39

2008 Festival of Lights – 4M – 35:05

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