March Madness

I’m not talking the NCAA college bracket ‘March Madness’ per se. It’s also a great way to describe our lives right now – ‘March Madness’. We normally are busy with work, events, and house projects, but we have been battling illnesses around our house and that just affects everything. One of the first things impacted with things like illnesses arise is my training. Rob, Chase, and I keep passing around different viruses which require rest and taking care of each other. And all of our sleep suffers when a toddler is ill. 😦 This wave of sickness has caused me to miss two 5K races already this year and we’ve missed out on other activities like an Easter party for Chase. I’ve learned where possible, that I need to register at the last minute because I never know if I will be racing that day. I have two half marathons planned this month and we shall see if I can get to the starting line. I was feeling bummed about my lack of training and I looked back at this time last year only to see that March was no better then either. Perhaps we won’t be illness free in March until Chase gets a little older. Based upon the collapse of my training plan once again, I think I’m going to abandon the idea of having a formal training plan for any race. Instead I’m going into “Mommy Maintenance Mode”, which means getting in workouts every time my schedule allows, but not getting hung up on a specific training/building plan. These days inevitably my training plan falls apart and then the training plan is not of any use because the mileage/workouts can’t easily be jumped back into. Instead I hope to remain healthy enough to run and just finish a 5K-half marathon any day, with no specific time goals. My posts to this blog have been low because of the lack of formal training and races completed. This change (or acceptance) of my running will then mean less posts because I won’t be accomplishing specific goals. However, I plan to write about races and special events for those considering them for their future running schedules. And as Chase gets older we will start to travel more I’ll have more to post about that as well.

Hope your training and 2015 race season is going well!

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