I might have an addiction to Stitch Fix

I think I’m about 7 orders into Stitch Fix and felt compelled to share my thoughts on this company and service.

For those not familiar with Stitch Fix, it’s a personalized online clothing shopping experience.

  • You fill out a personal profile sharing your style preferences and schedule an order (a ‘fix’) either ad hoc or on a recurring basis (2 weeks, 3 weeks, monthly) for $20 per fix.
  • Then a stylist selects 5 items based on your profile and preferences (clothing, shoes, and/or jewelry). You can exclude categories and styles from selection. For example, I have excluded shoes, jewelry, and certain types of clothing from my orders.
  • You set the price point range on each category (tops, pants, accessories, etc.). Also, you can be even more specific on price points in your scheduled request.
  • The items are delivered via USPS to your door.
  • You have 3 days to determine what you would like to keep or return. Returns are free and you are provided a return USPS bag that you can drop in the mail or schedule for pickup.
  • You receive a styling inspiration card that shows you two options for how to wear the item. I keep these cards in my closet drawer for general styling inspiration and reference.
  • You are charged only for the items you keep. The $20 styling fee is applied to anything you keep. If you keep all 5 items, you receive a 25% discount.
  • You provide feedback on anything you keep or return. This becomes more data for your personal profile and additional data for future data analysis for other consumers. I love the data science aspects applied at their company. If you want to learn more about how Stitch Fix applied big data analytics, check this out here.

To make sure you have the latest information just check out their FAQs.

Also, Stitch Fix now offers service for Maternity and Men as well!

What appeals to me about this service:

  • Convenience – Being a working mom with two kids, time is the commodity that value has skyrocketed. I don’t enjoy shopping in the same ways as I did. Even if I had the actual free time, I get anxiety browsing around hoping to find an item and see IF they have my size, etc. All I feel is the opportunity cost of that time lost that could be doing something more productive. Only if I were shopping with a friend would I find that activity enjoyable, just because it’s time with someone I care about.
  • Selection – I live in the midwest with access to Chicago, if I want to spend the day fighting traffic. I love Chicago, but I would rather be there for an event than just to get clothing. Stitch Fix (or another clothing service) allows me access to brands and styles I don’t have close by.
  • The element of surprise. It’s almost like getting a present. That’s a mental trick in the mix. I am paying for the items. The packaging and presentation of the items gives off a gift vibe. PS – there is a way to peek at your fix while it’s in transit and I have to look every time. Still it’s a surprise to see the items in person. 🙂
  • This has introduced me to other brands that I can sometimes purchase through other stores. Stitch Fix continues to grow exclusive designs and relationships with companies, so not all items are available. It’s a rare occurrence, but it has opened my eyes to other brands/styles that may work for me in general.

Some tips that have helped me make the most of my orders. Also, check out the website for additional tips.

  • I created a Pinterest board of my style tailored specifically towards my next fix desires. Meaning, if I’m wanting a dress or two I would put more pins of dresses as examples.
    • I try to make comments on those pins (when time allows) to further help describe what I like about that item.
    • I’m careful to pin an item that accurately depicts what I want. Meaning if the picture shows a woman’s outfit that includes pants I don’t like. I will likely not pin the item or update the description accordingly.
  • In my order request I describe my desires for that fix. For example, I will say “1-2 blazer/cardigans for work that I can layer with 3-4 tops that can be worn for work or casual. I would like to see an item like the <insert name of item here> pinned on my Pinterest board.”
  • I provide very constructive feedback on both items I keep and items I do not keep. As detailed as the 250 characters allow. I quickly state if I love or dislike an item and describe why by hitting on points about the color/pattern, fit/feel/weight, functional to my current wardrobe, and any other aspects (age appropriateness, event, etc.)
  • Try ALL items on even if they are unexpected. Also, I try them on more than once and sometimes with other items in my closet. I have been pleasantly surprised by items that grew on me. However, if the item doesn’t look right at all then I send it back.

Now on to my experience. I’m currently scheduling my ‘fix’es ad hoc.

Stitch Fix #1 – July – 2016

My first fix was post second baby (Feb 2016), so I was excited to be done with maternity ware and get some new items for going back to work, but I was not excited about shopping for my post-baby body. I’m rocking a mom-bod and hey it is what it is. I’m working out when I can and not stressing about it.

I was pleasantly surprised that my first fix was a 4/5 in my book. I wasn’t in love with the dress. I ended up keeping it because the 25% discount made it less expensive to just keep all five than send the dress back. I can see how this business model could keep me taking something I’m iffy about just for the discount, dangerous territory.

Here’s where I learn that there are actually groups on Facebook, eBay stores, and probably other locations where you can sell/trade Stitch Fix items that you are on the fence about to supplement keeping an item to protect the discount. For me personally, that’s meta work that I won’t do. I either will keep it AND wear it, or don’t buy it at all. If I had the cycles to post, follow up, and mail items to other people for money, then I might as well be out and about shopping for myself (which I don’t enjoy these days).


It’s hard to see it on this item but the black print is tiny hearts. At first I thought it was too sweet looking, but I tried it on more than once and fell in love with it. The fit of the item was perfect and it was easy to layer with cardigans for work. I wore the heck out of this shirt. It felt the demise of getting laundered in the wrong load and was gone before I would have expected, but that’s my bad. I haven’t had nicer made clothing items in awhile and I recognize that I need to be more careful with laundry going forward to take care of the investment.


I wasn’t familiar with Daniel Rainn until Stitch Fix and this is brand that you can find items in other stores too. I get compliments on this top every time I wear it. It’s so versatile to wear alone or with a blazer/cardigan/jean jacket. And it coordinates with a lot of different colored cardigans, which switches up the look.


At first glance, I was like okay…but I could just buy a green cardigan. I’m glad I kept this item because Market and Spruce is a high quality feeling product. It’s holding up well and the shade of green goes with both tops above and others in my closet.


Okay this is the magic of Stitch Fix. I’ve later learned from reading other people’s posts that Stitch Fix is known for their ability to fit someone in pants. How did they fit me (in my mom-bod) in dress pants that are able to even be dressed down in one try?! I couldn’t do that. This is the value add for me.


And the dress I didn’t know I needed. This was the item I liked least, so much so I rated it as “Hate it” and put comments that I was only keeping the item for the discount on all 5 items. However, since I’m not interested in selling items I finally had to reach for it one day and actually it worked well. 🙂 I’m glad I’ve kept the item. While it’s not my favorite dress. It’s functional and professional for work.

Stitch Fix #2 – October 2016

So keeping all items last fix and using them all, let’s just say my expectations where set. This is where I learn that I could have paid attention to the stylist assigned to me and specifically requested her again. Whoops. The next fix was a BUST pretty much. Everything but the scarf I’m wearing below was not only a return, but with very strong feedback that it seemed that not only did no one care to look at my style that they sent me things hoping I would just take them (because they were so ugly…I didn’t say that at least, my point was made). At the time I didn’t know I would be posting about Stitch Fix so I didn’t keep pictures of the hideousness sent to me. Instead I keep the scarf (~$30) and I’m happy I did. I love it and receive compliments on it.


Stitch Fix #3 – October 2016

I was clear in my feedback that I was not looking forward to a future Stitch Fix and really was ready to put them out of my mind. I think they sent me an offer to get a free fix and wave the styling fee, so I went ahead and scheduled another.


Again with the perfectly fitting jeans, impressive!


This is the right fit and color. The weight of the material is a little heavier than I would want, but I kept it and use this dress.


I like the rushed sleeves and the length of this blazer. It’s a bit heavier of a material, so more ideal for colder temps. I wish the sleeves cuffed to show the striped lining, but that’s ok.


NOOOOOOO!!!!! NEVER!!!!! Everything about this is a NO.


Return – Sizing was too large and the print wasn’t what I was looking for.

Stitch Fix #4 – May 2017


Return – This item has a work vibe of a past era too much. The print, sleeves, and neck tie are too much for me.


Keep – not my favorite top, but meeting my needs that it pairs well with cardigans and blazers. I was in desperate need of new tops so I felt inclined to make this item work.



At first glance I was like “umm…I’m a mom, I can’t have white items”. So I have to be EXTRA careful, but I’m clumsy even before kids. This top has been a surprise gem that pairs well with so many blazers and cardigans. I love this top.



Return – The texture of this blazer was too much, very crinkly. This appears to influence a future fix.


Return – The intent was good, but the blazer felt like a t-shirt. Too comfy because it had little structure.

Stitch Fix #5 – July 2017


Return – The intent was good, but it just wasn’t me. Too presidential….if that’s a way to describe it.


Keep – A staple item that fits so many outfits. I would take this in multiple colors.


Keep – Keep forever!!! Argh their ability to fit pants. How can work pants be so comfortable?!


Return – Priced too high for an item that has little structure and t-shirt style. The shoulder pads protrude when worn because the material is too soft.


Keep – LOOOOVE this item! I get a lot of compliments on it. The buttons are like little pyramid studs. This is the hidden gem items that keep me interested.

Stitch Fix #6 – July 2017


Return – Reluctantly return because the buttons are scuffed and I don’t feel like I should pay for something that looks worn. If it were in the store I would be searching for another or leaving it there, so I returned it with comments. It’s a shame though. I liked this item and will try to request it.


Return – Felt this item was too mature for me. Cozy, but not the look I was going for.


Return – Damaged item! There was a large hole in the seam of one of the sleeves. I was very disappointed and turned off by the whole fix at this point.


Return – Again too mature for my taste and the flower pattern too soft/delicate.


Return – I like the pants, but returning the damaged items I don’t have a use for this pant color at this time.

Stitch Fix #7 – August 2017

Stitch Fix heard my feedback and offered me a free styling so I scheduled a new fix and we have a winner!! The stylist hit all of my preferences and even took time to consider how to mix and match with my other kept items from previous fixes.


Keep – This was directly linked on my Pinterest board and works with various items in my wardrobe.


Keep – Similar to a blazer in a previous fix, but without the strange texture. It’s lightweight and good for layering in warm temps.


Keep – Love the color and the scallop edge detail.


Keep – LOVE!!!!! Omg so comfortable! And the raw edge detail gives it some interest, without making it look too worn. Love the wash too!


Keep – Love the color and the detail! This top goes with so many blazers and cardigans.


And that’s my Stitch Fix experience thus far. Hopefully some of this information was helpful in your consideration of this service or one like it. Let me know if you have any questions and I can update the post accordingly. Thanks!


If you want to try Stitch Fix out, you can use my referral link.



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