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Our First Year with Nash

I did not get monthly (or even quarterly) posts of Nash’s first year (like I did with Chase). Really after having Nash and going back to work the blog just became a low (or no) priority. I’m still deciding if and how much time I will have for blog posts now a days.

So to catch up on the amazing-ness of being a family of four and having Nash bless our lives here’s a recap of our first year with Nash Feb 29, 2016 to is first birthday. πŸ™‚

Nash was delivered via c-section because he was breech the entire pregnancy. Rob picked Leap Day for his birthday because we just thought it was fitting for a boy who was trying to enter the world bottom first. πŸ™‚ Turns out we ended up knowing two others in our town who also had Leap Day babies (not their plan), which with our town’s population I thought was pretty amazing. Here’s my post about Nash’s delivery.


Transitioning from one kid to two brought a lot of changes. I think Rob and I were much more ready on what to expect and handled all the baby things that come up well. The biggest adjustment was that we couldn’t tag team getting Chase ready in the morning, and bath and bed at night. Instead we were divided up man on man for those logistical moments. How people manage more than two I can’t even imagine. Hats off to you if you wrangle more than two kiddos. πŸ™‚ While it takes more time in those more task oriented moments, the pay off is seeing the love between Chase and Nash. It’s so awesome seeing how much ChaseΒ smothersΒ her brother in love. And it’s so fun to have dinner together at home and have two kids with dirty faces cracking each other up with their little games and sounds. It gives us a glimpse that this is just the beginning to their antics. πŸ™‚




Nash has been nothing but the opposite of his sister, which is cool. He’s his own dude and all boy. He goes to sleep easily most days, eats very well, and is very chill about day to day things. His smile is just so big and warm. He lights up the room with this giant smile when he’s a happy dude. However, when he is hungry, sleepy, or told ‘no’ he can’t stand it. His flare ups are epic and very physical, throwing his body weight around.



Nash does not like to sit and read books on end like his sister Chase. Instead he loves to throw and destroy things around the house. He is very interested in how things work and attempts to take things apart often. He’s always trying to pry open doors or cabinets, even with repeated ‘no’. Chase on the other hand only had to hear ‘no’ once or twice and never challenged what not to do. Nash LOVES sports. At this very early age he was very quick to learn to throw and catch a ball. It was amazing the first two times we took him swimming to splash around a bit. He leaned forward and started moving his arms, head, and feet just like a swimmer! We will be looking into swim teams in the future.





Nash is just the perfect ‘little’ man in our family. He was an infant for like a week and then turned into a giant over night. πŸ™‚ He has our hearts forever, we love him so much. πŸ™‚


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Nash: Months 1 and 2

I want to capture a bit of Nash’s growth through the first year and how things are going with us as a family of four.Β This being our second child we knew what to expect regarding the basics. Really we just needed to learn Nash’s preferences and how to coordinate managing as a family with an infant and toddler (knowing that there will be adjustments through many milestones).

The first thing that stood out what Nash’s sleeping habits were much different than Chase. Nash can nap with noise around him (thank goodness since that will be a given in many situations). Nash would nap 1-3 hrs at a time right off the bat. He still prefers to cuddle versus sleep in a bassinet/swing/crib, but he will for some of his naps. He LOVES sleeping in his carseat. At two months we started small ventures out and walk/runs and he just snoozes comfortably.

He is NOT a fan of being swaddled so we put all the swaddle blankets away pretty early on. He is also not a fan of a pacifier. He would use one a limited amount in the early days but he quickly realized it’s not the real deal and has no interest in it.

Nash is a great eater, just like his sister was. I’m so glad that breastfeeding worked out for a second time. I plan to keep it up as long as my body will allow. I know my supply will take a hit when I go back to work and pump, but any day I can still breastfeed is a blessing.

Nash is hitting all the development milestones so I won’t list them all here. It’s fun to watch his smiles and coos and he tries to talk to us. πŸ˜€

He’s wearing size 1 diapers and 0-3 month clothing is snug in some brands. It may be time to bust out full-fledged 3 month clothing.

He was hating his baths, but recently he started enjoying them. One of his favorite things is enjoying music time of John Mayer and Jack Johnson. He gets so calm and focused when we play their music and sometimes even seems to bop in time to the music.

Nash is a very calm and easy-going baby. However, it’s funny though that when he doesn’t like something he goes from completely calm to instant very loud shrill scream. There is rarely a build up of crying, just a big scream that gets our attention immediately.

A few photos πŸ˜€

1 Month Old – Rocking the baby acne





Month 2



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Chase 3 Months Old – And a Special Occasion

Chase is now 3 months (13 weeks) old!! It’s amazing to see the changes in her every day, she’s growing up so fast!

3 Month Photos





Purple Dress – Target, Headband – Etsy Store: my2lilpixies

3 Month – Baby Milestones

Chase is still improving with her head control. She’s getting so close to being able to hold her head up. She’s also continuing to get better leg and arm control. This month it’s been fun to see her genuine smile and excitement to see us, it’s just heart melting! Plus she’s starting to laugh at things she finds funny (like just lightly tickling her or kissing her hands). Her laugh is one of the best sounds I’ve ever heard. πŸ˜€

Chase was baptized on Sunday, September 8th at the church where we got married, which made it so special.

Rob and I – 2003



Chase’s big day. Ready to head to church.


This was Chase’s first church service. It was when she normally takes a nap, but the singing and organ music kept her awake. Chase’s baptism was in the middle of the service so Rob and I were on pins and needles wondering if she would last until then without freaking out and crying. Also, we were worried about an explosive poop before or during the ceremony. Luckily she wasn’t upset by her new surroundings and enjoyed sitting in her car seat with her wubbanub giraffe.


She was totally calm during the actual baptism and we made it through with no tears!

After the ceremony, Chase is asleep.

We had family over for the occasion, including uncle Drew!


This fall we our wolf pack (Rob, me, and Drew) will be out racing with our newest member, wolf cub Chase. πŸ™‚ Team Throwdown will need a onesie for Chase and a new team picture. πŸ™‚

Team Throwdown – 2010

December 2010 - Las Vegas 030 small

December 2010 - Las Vegas 033 small

December 2010 - Las Vegas 034 small


Speaking of running, my workouts are still hit and miss since they greatly depend on Chase’s sleep and breastfeeding needs. I’m still barely keeping up with her in milk supply so we haven’t supplemented with formula yet. Even if we have to eventually I will still be breastfeeding as long as I can.

As for sleep, Chase’s sleep is good for a few nights (up 2-3 times in the night) and then awful for a few nights (up off and on all night long, wanting to be held the whole time), which makes morning running difficult. I’ve been zapped of energy between the lack of sleep, work, and breastfeeding that working out only happens when a small window of opportunity arrises. Luckily the weather is finally mild again so most evenings Rob, Chase, and I should be able to go out for a run again. I love fall weather! It will be so nice to be out as a family running. While I’m not in any sort of shape, I’m still planning to run (and die) at some upcoming races. I figured it’s better to be out. I love running so much that I will have fun even when I’m dying from my lack of stamina.

More on that soon!!

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Chase 2 Months Old – Flexibility is key

Chase is 2 Months Old!!!

Well actually she’s 9 weeks old, silly calendar. πŸ™‚ However, since she’s made it to the 2 month mark, I will now track her growth and progress in months than weeks.

2 Month Photos




2 Months – Baby Milestones

Chase some more head control. She can hold her head up with less wobble on tummy time or when being held. It will be exciting when she has full head control and starts to sit up more on her own.

She also has better hand control. She has figured out how to reach and bat at something she has targeted. Also, she doesn’t grab at her eyes or hit herself as much and instead is able to suck on her fists. This has helped a lot in reducing her getting upset by her flailing arms hitting her in the face. πŸ™‚

Chase has also discovered her feet! It’s fun to watch her pump her feet and look at them in amazement.


Chase is doing great at daycare! She’s eating well and is getting better with her naps. It’s such a peaceful place and there is currently just 4-6 in her class, including her. I was able to stop in one of the days and breastfeed her over lunch. I am feeling much better about the whole thing, even though it is still hard to be away from her.

Chase’s first day


Picking Chase up one of the days.


2 Months – Momma Update

Based on my last post you can tell I was in a worried state prior to going back to work. I would say this is typical for me when it comes to anything new. This would be very emotional for me and Rob to be away from Chase and leave her in daycare, plus this we are going through a big adjustment to our morning routine.

Now only 2 weeks later and the stress of how it will all get done is fading. Instead I feel that we’ve become flexible to what the day brings and adjust from there. Rob and I will get to the important tasks of the day (ex: making sure that Chase has enough bottles and supplies for daycare) and that the rest will just get done eventually (ex: folding laundry). We make a good team too, which is HUGE. I always feel that Rob and I tag team tasks well instead of each of us having specific tasks. It works for us well and I think we both anticipate how to help the other out.

I am still stressed about breast milk. I’m barely keeping up with Chase’s eating. I’m drinking TONS of water, pumping, taking fenugreek, and eating oatmeal, but the improvements have been minor so far. There is a chance that we may need to introduce some formula to supplement the breast milk, but we shall see. Hopefully I can continue to stay in front of her intake. At least she’s such a good eater!


With the new found flexibility I have been getting my workouts when Chase is asleep before work. One day that meant jumping at the opportunity to run at 3:30am before work. When her sleep and feedings don’t align with my morning workout time Rob and I have been doing runs after work since the weather has been milder. I’ll have more posts about my running progress soon.

2 Month – Product Fave

Baby Bjorn Babbysitter Balance Bouncer and Wooden Activity Bar – best baby bouncer ever!!!


4Moms mommaroo – We got the standard seat, which is nylon and I now wish we would have got the plush. Our daycare has it and it’s more cushy. The adjustable positioning and multiple swing types (car ride, kangaroo, tree sing, etc.) are what set it apart. The toy mobile isn’t that special and I don’t think Chase has ever been entertained by it. She still enjoys her Fischer Price Snugabunny swing moving bird mobile, especially just before falling asleep.

4Moms Bath – I have nothing to compare this with, but I can’t imagine using another baby bath. This one is amazing and grows with your child.

Fischer-Price Discover ‘n Grow Kick and Play Piano Gym – This is one of Chase’s favorite things to do is play on this mat. She loves kicking and music playing from her kicks.


I’d write more, but I’m typing one handed with a baby in my arms. πŸ™‚ So hopefully more to share soon. πŸ™‚


Chase Week 7 – Preparing for big changes

Week 7:

Week 7 brought with it fussiness that appears to be colic. I could set a clock to the afternoon/evening times that have caused Chase to be unhappy and uncomfortable. We have been doing everything to help her with different soothing methods and holds. We also have tried gas drops and gripe water (not together, we did them different days). While both provided some comfort, it appears that the gripe water has worked the best for her.

I’ve also given up dairy, caffeine, and nuts as they may also contribute to gas and fussiness. It’s a guessing game if foods are contributors so instead of eliminating one at a time I went ahead and restrict them now. If there is even a slight chance that it will make Chase feel better then it’s worth it.

All of this fussiness has meant that Chase wants to be held for all of the time. She immediately gets upset if I get up to use the bathroom, get a drink of water, etc. My priority is to keep her comfortable, especially through this fussy period so I haven’t accomplished anything around the house or did any workouts this week. Since it’s my last week at home with Chase before I return to work, the bright side is I’m getting in lots of snuggles.

It’s going to be hard to leave Chase at daycare and return to work. It will be a big change for all of us. I can’t imagine how getting ready in the mornings will go or how I will ever fit working out back into my routine. My head is filled with stress of will I have enough breast milk for daycare and for times that I need to workout or for social occasions where I can’t breastfeed….what if Chase struggles to nap at daycare without me there… will we manage Chase’s night time feedings with both of us working…..when she is fussy how will I function on little sleep…will there ever be a good time for even 30 minutes of exercise a day…..with our schedules should I back off some of my race plans until Chase is older…..and so on. I’m having to tell myself that no matter how disorganized things may feel for awhile, that what’s most important will get accomplished one way or the other.

Week 7 Photos

Our sweet baby! I’m so sorry that she had such a tough week.



I was delayed in posting this because of the whirlwind of colic and also preparing for getting into the work/daycare routine. More posts about milestones, baby products and workouts to come!

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Chase Weeks 5 & 6 – Soaking up time with her

Time with Chase has been just wonderful! I would write a longer post about everything, but I need that time with Chase. Here is a quick post about the past couple of weeks.

Week 5 Photos


Bloomers – Etsy Store: BloominBloomers, Pug Onesie – Etsy Store: SquishyBee

Headband – Etsy Store (no longer available)

Week 6 Photo


Headband – Etsy Store: CutieButtsBoutique, Dress – gift

Week 5 and 6 Milestones:

She is sleeping in larger chunks at night of 3-4 hours and gets up twice an evening for a diaper change and feeding. Her naps are more stretched out from originally 30-45 minutes and then wanting up to feed to 2 hours. When she is up, she is more interactive and for longer periods of time. We play on her play mat, do tummy time, sing, tell stories, and show her new toys or textures. She is rolling from her back to her side, which is exciting. During her tummy time she really gets her legs moving like she is ready to walk. It’s going to be crazy to see her take off crawling and then walking! It’s also fun to see her genuine smiles for us or for something funny going on than just for gas. She cracks up often and loves us entertaining her.

Week 5 and 6 Workouts:

I’m still getting in workouts when they fit based on that particular day. I haven’t time for workout DVDs lately, but I have been able to pick up my free weights and get in some reps when Chase is napping.

Monday 7/15: Off

Tuesday 7/16: 2 Miles (‘Hood, 18:49, 9:25 Pace)

Wednesday 7/17: Off

Thursday 7/18: 1.13 Miles (Treadmill, 0.5% Incline, 9:52, 8:44 Pace)

Friday 7/19: 2 Miles (Treadmill, 0.5% Incline, 17:15, 8:38 Pace)

Saturday 7/20: Off

Sunday 7/21: Weights, 3 Miles (Treadmill, 0.5% Incline, 23:56, 7:59 Pace)

Weekly Totals:

Run: 8.13 Miles

Strength: 1 Time

Monday 7/22: Off

Tuesday 7/23: Weights

Wednesday 7/24: 3.05 Miles Walk (‘Hood, 53:22, 17:30 Pace), 2.3 Miles (‘Hood, 21:16, 9:15 Pace)

Thursday 7/25: 1.61 Miles Walk (‘Hood, 27:15, 16:56 Pace), 2.29 Miles (‘Hood, 20:02, 8:45 Pace)

I will have some races coming up in August. I know that I will be running slower paced than I have in years and I will completely die, but it’s going to feel so good to get out there and be back at it again. πŸ™‚


Chase – 1 Month Old – How time flies!

We can’t believe Chase is already 1 month old! It really feels like we just left the hospital last week or something. It’s just amazing that labor and delivery is now a month ago, that just seems unreal.

Chase has really been doing some growing up in the last couple of weeks. She is eating more and sleeping longer. We still have our days/nights were it doesn’t go smoothly, but at least there seem to be less and less of those.

She is really bulking in up, which is awesome to see. We did a check on her since the last time 8 days ago and she has gained another pound! So she is ahead of the .5 – 1 ounce a day requirement.

Month 1 Pictures



Headband – Von Maur, Dress – BabyGap

Month 1 – Lessons Learned/Tips

I wanted to capture some things that I felt that we’ve learned over the last month with raising Chase.

  • I set loose goals for the day. Like, “send out birth announcements” , “Chase naps in her room”, or “take a shower”. I may only get to sending one baby announcement that day or only get one of her naps to happen in her room, but that’s something. I’ve learned to let go of having a more set list for the day. What really happens that day depends on how Chase is feeling. Is she well rested, is she going through a growth spurt, etc. So I just have a loose list of things to do ready at all times in case an opportunity arrises to get something accomplished.
  • Babies crave structure. We try to keep a similar routine through each day regardless if it’s a weekday or weekend. It’s not like Chase is going to get that it’s Saturday so it’s okay to sleep in. Even if she doesn’t jive with the morning or afternoon, it’s okay. We just keep attempting the same set of activities: feeding, changing, play in the afternoon, bath and book at bedtime, etc. I’ve noticed that she seems to be taking to the routine more and more each week. She settles down more easily into her naps and doesn’t seem as upset by changing diapers, etc.
    • One of my favorite times is listening to music with Rob and Chase before bedtime. It’s like our own mini-concert moment. πŸ™‚
    • Also I love story time and having Rob read to us. πŸ™‚
  • My friend Natalie is a new mom this May and she provided me some good advice. In all cases of trying to get a baby used to something, you just try it and some days it may not work and you just have to step back and say “okay today is not the day for it” and then try again tomorrow.
  • Learning your baby is key. Chase loves to be close so I was excited to use our Ergo Baby or K’Tan sling to have her close to me and get both hands free. However, something Chase also loves is to stretch her legs out and kick a lot. If she can’t do that, she freaks out. Based on her size right now her legs can’t hang free in either sling so she hates them both. Perhaps in time she will like it, but it’s just going to be a trial and error, and responding to what Chase seems to like. Or perhaps I need to look at other slings in the meantime that fit her better.
  • Also, Chase isn’t a 100% a fan of pacifiers. It would be nice if she was for breaks between breastfeedings, but every brand we try seems to tick her off and make her more upset. On a rare occasion she will use her Nuk or Soothie, but it’s not that often. I see babies very young using pacifiers easily, but Chase never seemed to take to it from day one.
  • I’ve gotten better at accomplishing tasks one handed with my non-dominant hand. I had no idea how important this would be. Not being able to use a baby sling is part of the reason. Making lunch one handed is a feat and I make my lunch in steps and can take 1.5 hours before I actually get to eat. Perhaps I’m picking challenging meals because it’s mostly salads, but I think getting the veggies is important. In the future I plan to start pre-cutting everything so it’s ready to go for a couple meals at a time. If I can get a sling to work with her it would make a world of difference for both of us. πŸ™‚
  • Speed showering is an art. πŸ™‚ When I’m home alone I have to seize the opportunity for a quick 5 or 10 minute shower when I can and ‘focus and hustle’ through it.
  • Online shopping is the best! I’m so glad we got signed up for Amazon Mom Prime and also found sites like Online shopping has allowed me to order items as they come to mind. I hope this has helped a little with Rob having to manage the errands and shopping. He’s already had to take on so much so I can tend to breastfeeding and napping for myself. It’s been nice to get things ordered online possible.
  • I’ve learned that my workout schedule won’t be set for awhile. I do remind myself that I got cleared to workout 3 weeks earlier than I planned for, so it’s okay that I don’t have my plans all ready to go yet, Chase is my priority. It’s more important to put her needs first. And a side bonus is getting her schedule shaped is longer term even better for my workouts anyways. So in the meantime I’m trying to be creative.
    • The weather is super hot and muggy and not good for running with the baby. When the weather breaks we will definitely be outside either in the morning or in the afternoon with Rob.
    • On hot weekdays, Rob will watch Chase with a bottle ready and I can get out and run a couple miles in the neighborhood Β and get my sweat on.
    • On days that I can get out for a quick walk with Chase in her stroller, I have a jump rope handy so I can park us in the shade and I can do 5-10 minutes of jumping rope.
    • I’ve had Chase in her swing watch me lift my hand weights while I count out the reps out loud. I figured it’s a good way to at least get her to count to 20. πŸ™‚
    • I have workout DVDs and once naps are more settled I plan to use them and run on the treadmill at home.

Month 1 – Essential Item

Moving Comfort Nursing Sports Bra Juno and Fiona – I found out about a great running sports bra that is also a nursing bra by doing a google search. Thank you google for taking me to this Triathlon Mom’s blog. She is a mother of 3 and recommended this bra as the best option. It was enough of an endorsement for me to give it a try and it truly is amazing. It’s very supportive, has velcro straps for nursing, and the Fiona has bra hooks which is great for my ever changing chest size day to day. Triathlon Mom’s blog has a write up about the bra so I won’t repeat all of the information. If you are going to be breastfeeding and working out, definitely consider this bra.

Nursery Update

Rob built Chase the final bookcase for her room and it came out perfect! It’s exactly what I was wanting and fits the space perfectly. This one I wanted without a backing so I can put all the electronics (monitor, sound machine, humidifier, etc.) in easily. I love it!!



I need to rearrange some things in the room and then I may do a nursery room tour on YouTube.


My workouts are really just when they fit in for that day. Here are the highlights of what I have been able to do.

Sunday 7/7:Β Off

Weekly Totals:

Run/Walk: 17.9 Miles

Strengthening: 1 Time

Monday 7/8: Off

Tuesday 7/9:Β 2 Miles (‘Hood, 19:19, 9:40 Pace)

Wednesday 7/10:Β 2 Miles (‘Hood, 18:56, 9:28 Pace)

Thursday 7/11:Β Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD (24:00, Level 1)

Friday 7/12:Β .51 Mile Walk (‘Hood, 10:13, 20:20 Pace), 1.37 Mile (‘Hood, 15:09, 11:04, w/stroller)

Saturday 7/13:Β Off

Sunday 7/14:Β 5 Miles (Const Trail, 49:30, 9:54 Pace)

Weekly Totals:

Run/Walk: 10.9 Miles

Strengthening: 1 Time

Us out with Chase


Other Running Stuff

The latest issue of Runner’s World had an article about “Spirit of the Marathon II” and “Miles and Trials“, both hopefully coming out later this year. While checking out the status of the movies online, I found “Fast Women” and we rented it on Amazon. We love movies about running. And if you are into documentary type movies, this one is more independent film edited, but a great story of Arizona women working on their qualification for the 2008 Olympic Trials. Perhaps I’m the last to know about this movie, but I wanted to share in case anyone had not seen it yet. Also, we loved Spirit of the Marathon so much and we got a chance to meet the director and part of the cast at the 2009 Chicago Marathon Expo.

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Chase – Week 3 and Getting Active

Chase just makes every day that much sweeter. She is changing every day. Between growing and seeing her development changes, it’s just always a surprise to see what is new for her each day.

Week 3 Photos:


Socks and Headband – Von Maur, Dress – BabiesRUs

Getting festive for the 4th of July. πŸ™‚


Dress – Von Maur, Picture frame from Etsy Store ShugabeeLane.

Week 3 – Milestones:

We took Chase in for a weight check on Friday, July 5th and she is 9 pounds .5 ounces. She is gaining well more than the minimum so breastfeeding is going great!

Also, her active time has really been fun. She has started reaching for things and holding her head up for a time during tummy time. Here’s a video of Chase at 3 weeks. πŸ™‚


I found out that I’m in the banner ad for theΒ Alexian Brothers Half Marathon July 20, 2013. We won’t be going this year, but kinda neat to see my picture there. πŸ™‚ Here is my post about that race.


I was just cleared to start back running so my workouts have now become even more enjoyable. I’m so happy to have the ability to start back into running just 3 weeks postpartum. I started out run/walking and have just recently done my first complete run. It feels amazing to get all sweaty again! My muscles are weak, but it’s nice to feel them working and knowing that they are getting stronger. πŸ™‚

It’s also been fun to get out with Chase, Rob, and Coco. It’s been real good family time. I also got a chance to run with Drew, Rob and Chase after they raced 4th of July Park to Park 5 Mile.

Here are my workouts:

Monday (6/24):

2.09 Mile Walk (‘Hood, 38:52, 18:36 Pace)

2 Mile Walk (Treadmill, 0.5% Incline, 32:05, 16:03 Pace)

Tuesday (6/25):

0.56 Mile Walk (‘Hood, 19:30, 10:55 Pace)

1.18 Mile Walk (‘Hood, 21:09, 17:56 Pace)

Wednesday (6/26):

1.69 Mile Walk (‘Hood, 29:09, 17:15 Pace)

Thursday (6/27):


Friday (6/28):

2.72 Mile Walk (‘Hood, 50:00, 18:23 Pace)

Weights Upper Body – 5 Mins

Saturday (6/29):

Bike 3.6 Miles (Trainer, 15:05, 14.32 mph)

1 Mile Walk (Treadmill, 15:06)

Sunday (6/30):

3.79 Miles Walk (‘Hood, 1:07:01, 17:41 Pace)

0.88 Mile Walk (‘Hood, 16:59, 19:18 Pace)

Weekly Totals:

Walk: 15.91 Miles

Bike: 3.6 Miles

Strength: 1 Time

Monday (7/1):

0.54 Mile Walk (‘Hood, 11:00, 20:23 Pace)

1.45 Miles Walk (‘Hood, 26:00, 17:56 Pace)

Tuesday (7/2):

2.3 Miles Walk (‘Hood, 35:49, 15:35 Pace)

Wednesday (7/3):

4.06 Miles Run/Walk (‘Hood, 49:11, 12:07 Pace)

Thursday (7/4):

2.43 Miles Run/Walk (‘Hood, 29:02, 11:57 Pace)

Friday (7/5):

2 Mile Run (Treadmill, 0.5% Incline, 20:10, 10:05 Pace)

Jump Rope – 5 Minutes

Saturday (7/6):

5 Mile Run (Const Trail, 50:50, 10:10 Pace)

I’m excited to be getting to workout 3 weeks earlier than I anticipated. I’m excited to be able to get more active in the coming weeks!


Chase – Weeks 1 & 2 – Night and Day

It’s been a whirlwind since baby Chase joined our family. Time flies quickly so people were right telling us don’t blink, they grow up so fast. I want to recap some things we’ve learned in this first couple of weeks and some milestones along the way.

Chase’s birth announcements. The pictures were taken at 1 day old. πŸ™‚

Week 1 Photos

Chase loves to sleep with her hands above her head like this. We didn’t pose her this way. πŸ™‚




Jumpsuit – Carters, Headband – Etsy Store CutieButtsBoutique

Week 2 Photo


Purple Dress – The Children’s Place

Week 1 and 2 – Breastfeeding

The first week was all about breastfeeding. Chase took to it immediately in the hospital and never looked back. She has been very eager to eat, so much so that we had a little snacker on our hands. She was wanting food every 30 minutes to an hour. We wanted to encourage her love of breastfeeding so I accommodated any request. After a few days of that we gradually started extending her time between feeding gradually. This meant that she would eat more aggressively than snack, which in turn keeps her fuller longer. We were very fortunate that breastfeeding has went so well for us.

By day 10 we ran into either a growth spurt or that my milk supply wasn’t where she wanted it. We went from 2-2.5 hours between feedings to every 30 minutes or an hour at most. She has been extra fussy about being hungry. It’s draining especially at night because that means she won’t sleep more than 15-30 minutes without wanting to eat again. If it’s a growth spurt it can last 2 days to a week.

I’ve started doing some pumping to prep for introducing bottle feeding around 3 weeks.

Week 1 and 2 – Sleep

One challenge that we had was Chase’s nights and days were flipped. She would be a sleepy angel all day and then at night she was ready to party and eat often. Being her food source I was averaging 2-3 hours of sleep at night pieced together in 30 minute increments. Rob and I were walking zombies for that first week. Rob and I were prepared for sleepless nights of feedings and diaper changes. What I wasn’t expecting was you will get almost zero sleep because the baby doesn’t want to sleep at all.

To change her night and day confusion is not an easy process. We learned quickly that we needed to establish a game plan of establishing sleep pattern based on information we had read and advice from others. A couple of books that helped with forming our plan was “The Baby Whisperer Solves All of Your Problems” and “. With all the information my inner-runner became frustrated with all the varying information. It was much like researching marathon training plans, each has their own philosophy. In running you get plans that say “run less”, some that say “run more”, some say “recovery is key”, others that say “race pace training is essential”, etc. It’s enough to make my head spin. This all felt similar. Keep a baby up in the day so they know it’s day and not night, but not too much because then you over stimulate them and then they won’t sleep out of frustration. It’s like deciphering a sleeping baby time bomb. The information is all over the place. So I started writing down some of the sleep mission we would try to instill with Chase and experiment to see what works.Β It may seem obvious to you parents, but it really helps me have it written out to organize my thoughts, especially in my sleepy state these days.

Even when establishing this plan, we recognized quickly how important it was to be consistent. Any tiny change in the routine would affect how the evening would go. Here are some of the things that we implemented.

  • Every morning needs to begin like our work schedule will be and not vary (aka no sleeping in as it could confuse Chase about what is morning time).
  • During the day the lights need to be on and shades open to have as much light as possible.
  • Use nap times to get Chase use to her crib.
  • We will take morning walks with Chase, weather permitting.
  • Evening wind down will include: bath, vitamin, swaddle, breastfeeding, and story.

Week 1 and 2 – Milestones


Tuesday, June 11, 2013 – Chase weighed 7 lbs 15 ounces when she was born.

Friday, June 14, 2013 – Chase’s doctor appointment she weighed 7 lbs 7 ounces

Wednesday, June 19, 2013 – Chase’s doctor appointment she weighted 8 lbs 2 ounces

The doctor was very pleased with Chase’s weight gain. They want the baby’s weight to come back to birth weight by week 2 and Chase was ahead of schedule. Our next appointment is scheduled in two months.


We’ve being doing 1-1.5 minute stints of tummy time and can already see Chase’s neck getting stronger.

By week 2 she already has better use of her hands and isn’t accidentally scratching herself as much.

At the end of week 2 her kicking has really picked up. Swaddling may not last as long as we were anticipating with the way she kicks.

Week 1 and 2 – Essential Items

iPad 2

Before Chase was here, Rob and I would use our iPad 2’s daily for surfing the internet and reading books or magazines. Now I would say that the iPad 2 is next to me all day long with Chase. We use them for reading her stories, looking up baby health information, setting alarms for feedings, listening to music with her, and to use my favorite app BabyConnect. It’s an app that allows you to track diaper changes, feedings, sleep, activities, milestones and more. We use this app all day long to record as best possible what baby Chase is up to.

Mountain Buggy Terrain and Peg Perego Car Seat

I love our carseat and running stroller. While I’m not yet running, we have taken it an our Quinny stroller on our walks. I love them both, but the Mountain Buggy would be my favorite between the two because it is equipped and ready for a long run. I love the idea of being able to take off for a run soon. πŸ™‚

Us out with the Quinny stroller for our first walk as a family.


More Quinny time.


Out with Mountain Buggy Terrain.




Halo Swaddling Blanket

We are swaddling Chase when she gets fussy and we have both the Swaddelme and Halo. I would say Halo wins for us because the wrapping is easier to accomplish with Halo. Also, it has a full body reverse zipper, meaning it zips from top to bottom. This allows for you to unzip the Halo to do diaper changes without fully unswaddling the baby, score!


You have a baby? You need Wubbanub. They are amazing. They are Soothie pacifiers with a little stuffed animal attached. Seem unnecessary? Well as soon as you see how a regular pacifier goes flying and rolls away a 100 times when the baby accidentally knocks it out of their mouth, you will really see the value the little stuffed animal brings to keeping the pacifier nearby. Plus Chase seems to enjoy practicing grabbing it herself.

Week 1 and 2 – Not So Essential Items

Receiving Blankets as Swaddling Blankets

Receiving blankets are a must for draping over the baby to keep them warm, draping over me for breastfeeding when company is around, for covering her carseat in a pinch when it’s sunny, the uses go on and on. The one use that I wouldn’t recommend is swaddling. I know that there are all sorts of instructions out there for swaddling with receiving blankets and they even do it in the hospital that way, but for us it’s not a decent enough swaddle. Chase is very strong and using a Halo Swaddling Blanket is the way to go.

The First Years Sounds for Silence Premium Sound Machine

We were at BabiesRUs and bought this sound machine without doing any research, which was a mistake. This thing is a piece of crap, just like the reviews say when I looked it up at home. I ordered the Graco Sweet Slumber Sound Machine. Hopefully it works out better.

Week 1 and 2 – Lessons Learned/Tips

  • There is even less sleep than people warn you about.
  • When the baby naps you can do one of the following: sleep, eat, or shower. But don’t plan to do more than one per nap.

Week 1 and 2 – My Recovery

My recovery is going well. I have a follow up with my OB at week 3 since I didn’t tear. I hope to get clearance to do more exercises and potentially start running.

I gained 40 pounds with my pregnancy, which wasn’t surprising. I was under weight per pregnancy standards and as soon as my training changed I started to gain weight. So far I’ve lost 21 pounds since having Chase and that’s without being back to training. I feel good that the 19 remaining will come off over time and I will need to work on getting back muscle tone.