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Our First Year with Nash

I did not get monthly (or even quarterly) posts of Nash’s first year (like I did with Chase). Really after having Nash and going back to work the blog just became a low (or no) priority. I’m still deciding if and how much time I will have for blog posts now a days.

So to catch up on the amazing-ness of being a family of four and having Nash bless our lives here’s a recap of our first year with Nash Feb 29, 2016 to is first birthday. πŸ™‚

Nash was delivered via c-section because he was breech the entire pregnancy. Rob picked Leap Day for his birthday because we just thought it was fitting for a boy who was trying to enter the world bottom first. πŸ™‚ Turns out we ended up knowing two others in our town who also had Leap Day babies (not their plan), which with our town’s population I thought was pretty amazing. Here’s my post about Nash’s delivery.


Transitioning from one kid to two brought a lot of changes. I think Rob and I were much more ready on what to expect and handled all the baby things that come up well. The biggest adjustment was that we couldn’t tag team getting Chase ready in the morning, and bath and bed at night. Instead we were divided up man on man for those logistical moments. How people manage more than two I can’t even imagine. Hats off to you if you wrangle more than two kiddos. πŸ™‚ While it takes more time in those more task oriented moments, the pay off is seeing the love between Chase and Nash. It’s so awesome seeing how much ChaseΒ smothersΒ her brother in love. And it’s so fun to have dinner together at home and have two kids with dirty faces cracking each other up with their little games and sounds. It gives us a glimpse that this is just the beginning to their antics. πŸ™‚




Nash has been nothing but the opposite of his sister, which is cool. He’s his own dude and all boy. He goes to sleep easily most days, eats very well, and is very chill about day to day things. His smile is just so big and warm. He lights up the room with this giant smile when he’s a happy dude. However, when he is hungry, sleepy, or told ‘no’ he can’t stand it. His flare ups are epic and very physical, throwing his body weight around.



Nash does not like to sit and read books on end like his sister Chase. Instead he loves to throw and destroy things around the house. He is very interested in how things work and attempts to take things apart often. He’s always trying to pry open doors or cabinets, even with repeated ‘no’. Chase on the other hand only had to hear ‘no’ once or twice and never challenged what not to do. Nash LOVES sports. At this very early age he was very quick to learn to throw and catch a ball. It was amazing the first two times we took him swimming to splash around a bit. He leaned forward and started moving his arms, head, and feet just like a swimmer! We will be looking into swim teams in the future.





Nash is just the perfect ‘little’ man in our family. He was an infant for like a week and then turned into a giant over night. πŸ™‚ He has our hearts forever, we love him so much. πŸ™‚


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Chase 6 Months Old – Big Girl Moments

Chase is having big girl moments nearly every day. It’s so amazing to watch her sweet personality develop. All the little things like she crosses her legs when she lays back to relax and that she loves blowing raspberries. She even woke herself up in the morning blowing them, too cute!

Baby Info / Milestones

Chase weighs 16 pounds and 9 ounces.

Chase is now eating solids twice a day (lunch and dinner). She’s eating Β a lot breast milk/formula so much so now that we’ve gone from 75% being breast milk to now 75% is formula. My supply isn’t keeping up, but I’m still able to supplement her.

Chase is passing toys from one had to the other, her pincher grasp is improving, and she is able to lean forward and grab toys while in a seated position.

6 Month Photos





We also had a 6 month professional photo shoot. It was early afternoon, right after Chase’s nap and she wasn’t willing to give out her big smiles just yet since she woke up in a strange place. πŸ™‚ We still got some sweet pictures.










Baby Sleep / Mama Sleep

After Thanksgiving Chase got the flu and then she was constipated. Needless to say eating well and sleeping well both took a hit. It was a very hard few weeks. As soon as she was feeling better her eating was back on track and then it was time to get her sleep figured out. We bit the bullet and went cold turkey to the crib. She was fussy, but at it was amazing how after a short amount of time she was putting herself to sleep. The longest she fussed was 35 minutes. Don’t get me wrong, it was the WORST 35 minutes of my life. Rob had to help me from rushing to her. After her fussing she was sleeping in her crib 5 hours or more at a time! Other nights she was fussing only 2-9 minutes. Now she can sleep 10-12 hours straight! When she wakes up she will fuss and put herself back to sleep. When she has trouble soothing herself, we try a few minutes using the CoCaLo Perfect Calming Center Baby Mat and it usually does the trick. It is truly amazing to have Chase successfully sleeping in her crib. And the added bonus is I’m getting quality sleep too! πŸ˜€

My Workouts

My workouts were non-existent during the three weeks Chase wasn’t feeling well. But after things came together with her sleep I was able to start running a couple of miles here and there again. Plus finally sleeping better was making me feel better all around.

I will begin a new training plan after Christmas for the IL Half Marathon. In comparison to my pre-baby training plans, this will be very conservative. Still it will feel so rewarding to embark on a training plan while also working and being a mom to an infant. I’ll have more to share on that in a future post. πŸ™‚

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Chase 5 Months – All Smiles :)

Chase is 5 months old! Holey smokes!!

This post is late, Chase was 5 months old November 11th. I’m again late to posting because we’ve been busy with celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary, Rob’s Birthday, getting ready for Thanksgiving, and then Chase got sick right after that. 😦 She’s finally feeling better, thank goodness! Between all of the celebrating, sickness, and working, there hasn’t been a moment of downtime. Here are some pictures of what has been going on with us lately.

Chase’s 5 Month Photos



Playing in her jumparoo, not holding still enough for a clear picture. πŸ™‚


This girl is all smiles, we love it!! πŸ˜€

Baby Nutrition

We’ve started trying out feedings twice a day, once at daycare and once at home. It’s more about her getting used to the food and feeding process than nutrition, so it’s okay whatever ends up in he tummy. Bananas are her favorite. πŸ™‚ Apples, squash, and peas aren’t bad either. We’ve just started on pears as well, but it she makes a face like they are too tart. We quickly learned that variety is key. Too many bananas and apples close together caused some constipation. A little consult with the doctor got things back on track though. Now we will make sure to vary up the meals even more.

Baby Sleep

Sleep has been similar to 4 months. There will be a few days of very good sleep, she will get up just up once or twice. Mid-night to 5 am this month has been her most restful period. But after a few days, she’s back to very fussy and she’s up every hour or never really sleeps unless she’s held. Again this seems to align to developmental changes or when she is not feeling well. After being sick Thanksgiving she definitely needed extra comfort to rest.

Baby Festivities

Daycare had Thanksgiving luncheon for the parents. It was so nice to visit with the other parents and the teachers and reflect on the development of all of the kids over the past few months. It’s just so wonderful being parents to Chase, we are truly thankful.

Daddy and Chase


Mommy and Chase


Our Family


We have also got the house ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas.




Chase loved carefully checking out the Christmas tree.



We are looking forward to creating traditions for Chase. For Christmas it will include seeing Santa, Elf on the Shelf, Christmas Eve Service, Christmas PJs, reading “Twas The Night Before Christmas”, watching “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, making cookies for Santa, donating clothes and toys, etc. I can’t wait to create special memories for her.


Rob has taken a pause from airplane building to focus on building us a new bed for our 10 year wedding anniversary present. He’s also going to build us two nightstands.



He’s making the a king size version of the bed he made for our guest room.


Plus, Rob is going to do some more work on finishing the basement. Pics to come on the progress.

My Workouts

My running is coming back and it feels really good to get in a few miles when I can. When Chase sleeps well I have been getting up at 4am to run. On the weekends I’ve gotten in some running while Rob has daddy time with Chase. The days Chase isn’t well or isn’t sleeping well, running sometimes doesn’t happen. My training schedule will begin again at the end of December for spring races. I’ll share my plans when I get them figured out. I’m looking forward to it!

So it’s obvious now that I’ve changed the blog from FlyRunnerΒ to ChaseEverySecond. It felt like it was time to retire the FlyRunnerΒ moniker. Both running and flying will always be a part of our lives, but they are no longer the highest priority. ChaseEverySecond just feels like a better fit. Chase is every wonderful second of our lives and it also describes how we like to approach life in general. My posts were naturally becoming more than just running and flying, so it felt like it was time to change the blog name to fit where our lives are now. Moving forward with the blog I see writing more posts about our lives, travel, home projects, decorating, recipes, and who knows what else. Instead of planning it all out, I’m just going to write about whatever is of interest and just see where it goes. Hopefully I can get post up more often as well. πŸ™‚


Chase 4 Months Old – Growth Spurts

Every day with Chase seems to bring some new adventure is seeing her grow. From turning her head side to side with no wobble, to rolling from tummy to back, and sitting up in her Bumbo. It’s just amazing to witness!

I’m late in writing this post, Chase turned 4 months old on October 11th. We had her 4 month checkup and while her shots caused discomfort she actually slept pretty well compared to last time. At 4 months she is 25.5 inches long (87th percentile), 14lbs 15oz (64th percentile), and her head is 16.75 inches (93rd percentile).

4 Month Pictures



Baby Nutrition

The doctor gave us the green light to start solid foods. There is no rush though so we are taking our time. After a few attempts she still wasn’t a fan of the oatmeal cereal. The doctor said some babies don’t take too it plain (even mixed with formula she didn’t care for it) and it’s okay to move onto other foods. Her first vegetable was sweet potatoes and she loved them instantly! Every time we tried them she would grab the spoon and try to help feed herself. πŸ™‚ After a few days of no allergic reaction, we tried carrots and those went over well too!

Baby Sleep

Chase had a couple amazing weeks of sleep where she was getting up only once during the night. Since then she’s started to be more fussy, even with an early bedtime and the same routine. There is a lot of information on this topic call Wonder Weeks or 4 Month Regression. Without writing a whole post on it (since there are already many great resources), suffice it to say that all of the developmental changes can affect a baby’s sleep. Knowing this is likely the culprit helps with the getting up multiple times a night. We had proof that she was sleeping well, so that gives me hope that it will eventually come back again.

Chase in her sunglasses. πŸ™‚

Chase 2013 - 01

Baby Festivities

I was excited for Chase’s first Halloween, but things didn’t go as planned. Since it’s not ideal to have her out and about in the cold weather we had plans to meet up with a girlfriend and her baby and go into our office and show off the babies in their costumes. We were all set, I went to pick up Chase from daycare in her costume and found out that she wasn’t feeling well and needed to go to the doctor. So no festivities for us. 😦 Chase didn’t even get her costume on. She was having a lot of sinus drainage, which caused her first ear infection. So we spent our evening snuggled on the couch while Rob managed the candy distribution. Needless to say that being sick doesn’t help with sleep either, poor thing. 😦

Now that she is feeling better on her antibiotics I at least got to do a photo shoot with our little ladybug. πŸ™‚






My Workouts

My workouts have not been blog worthy. A couple weeks ago I had bad tendinitis in my foot and rested it ten days. I was about to go for physical therapy to rule out a stress fracture, when it completely went away. I guess proper rest (and new shoes) did the trick.

Since then I have started getting in a couple miles here and there. We plan to start mapping out our races for next year and I can work on getting some base building back in before my next marathon training cycle started. I had originally thought I would be doing the Monumental Marathon this November, but I sorely underestimated how challenging it is to get in training workouts (let alone general running) with a new infant who is being breastfed and is up at night quite a bit still. No biggie, races will still be there. I’m looking forward to getting back into racing, but taking this time to be with Chase has been awesome.

Also, I’m looking to revamp the blog….it may take some time to complete and will be done bit by bit, so more on that over time. πŸ™‚

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We’ve Got Spirit, Yes We Do!

This post has nothing to do about running and a lot to do about Chase. πŸ™‚

This week was spirit week at daycare. Each day had a theme leading up to Homecoming weekend for Illinois State University.

Super Hero Day – Super Baby!


PJ Day


Fan Day – Go Bears!


Decade Day – Groovy Baby


ISU Day – Go Redbirds!


The last two weeks we had a fundraiser at daycare to benefit the United Way of McLean County. The top fundraising boy and girl would be Homecoming King and Queen of our daycare’s parade float in the ISU parade. Chase won! Here is our little Homecoming Queen!


Chase and Rob with Ronald McDonald


It was so awesome walking with our parade float (it got 2nd in the contest) and hear everyone saying sweet things about Chase being Queen. πŸ˜€ It was also fun handing out candy to all the kids that came out to watch. Chase ended up sleeping the entire way!



In other Chase news we went from 6 bad nights of sleep (probably from her being sick and/or another growth spurt) to 4 good ones! Chase and I both got some much needed rest. It will be nice if this trend continues for awhile. πŸ™‚

Also, Chase has now been out for breakfast once and a quick dinner. Both were successful! It takes good teamwork between me and Rob and we will keep testing the waters with places now and then.

That’s it for now….Hope you all are having a good weekend!




2013 We Care Twin Cities – 10K – 1:01:30

Race Takeaway: Sometimes a downgrade is an upgrade.

Saturday morning was the We Care Twin Cities 10K and Half Marathon. As I talked about in my race post for the 5K the night before, Drew and I downgraded from the Half Marathon to the 10K. This turned out to be the best option because that meant that we could all run together as our wolf pack. πŸ™‚


Chase was doing well and we got up with no issues and were out the door in plenty of time to get parked and wait for our race. The race start is at Eastview Church, which is so nice because we are able to use the facilities there and hang out. We got to see some of our fellow running friends and catch up about racing. It was so nice to see Anand, Kerry, and more. I hope you all had a great race!

The weather was perfect, light breeze and just about 60 degrees.

10K Race Start


I was expecting based on my time at Eureka Heart House 10K the weekend before that with those hills I could easily run this course, which is relatively flat at the same pace or better, but I was wrong. My legs felt DEAD. I couldn’t get my pace up so we hovered around 9:15-9:30s. It was disappointing that one of the race volunteers wasn’t paying attention and you could see that she let a large chunk of runners go the wrong direction in Tipton Park. We weren’t sure if this would make their race long or short in the end, but based on friend’s blog posts it sounds like they ended up running long.

By the turn around point, I was wiped. I really struggled through the last 5K. My legs were like lead and I was so exhausted. I think the week had finally caught up with me. I haven’t felt that miserable in a race in a long time. Rob and Drew were so nice and encouraging the whole way. To the point it actually got annoying because I was struggling so much I asked them to stop talking to me. πŸ™‚ Sorry about that! πŸ™‚ They were very conversational and we knew Drew would easily PR, but I wanted him to run ahead earlier on to gain every second he could. Finally by mile 5 Drew did break away and easily set a new PR with a 1:01, a 2 minute improvement. He wasn’t even hurting at the end so he can easily PR again, great job Drew! I on the other hand was dying the whole way back and came in at 1:01:30. I was really hoping to have a good day out there with perfect weather and a flatter course, but it just wasn’t meant to be. Still I’m happy that I we were able to be out and Chase slept the whole way again.



9:55 Pace

Overall: 80/169

F: 40/110

F 35-39: 8/25


2013 We Care Twin Cities – 5K – 25:42

Race Takeaway: Setting a healthy family example is such a wonderful responsibility.

The We Care Twin Cities race weekend includes a 5K Friday night and 10K and Half Marathon Saturday morning.

This race weekend almost didn’t happen for us. Chase was sick with hand/foot/mouth all week. She had just a couple spots and it never spread worse, thank goodness. But it was clear she was not herself and wanted to be held constantly day and night. It made for a very long week, which included me sleeping sitting up for 6 days straight. Needless to say I was drained. We just took each day as it was and decided if Chase wasn’t feeling well we wouldn’t be running. Thursday her spots were gone and she seemed to be getting back to herself. By Friday morning she seemed back to good and we took her to daycare to see how she did for the day. She had a really good day so we figured we would give the racing a try. However, I was signed up for the half marathon and so was Drew. We decided that we would downgrade our races to the 10K and all run together instead.

Friday’s packet pickup was at GE Park with the Kids Fun Run and 5K on the Constitution Trail. Packet pick up was easy and quick. This race revolves around energy management and environmentally friendly choices. Which meant that the race would also look for improvements, including having trophies from recycled/donated awards from any sport.

Also, the We Care Twin Cities races would have theΒ Hydrapouch for water stops, instead of cups.


I’m all for environmentally friendly opportunities, but I’m not yet sold on these as a viable solution. Each runner received one in their race packet. I haven’t looked into the carbon footprint to make one of these, but it just seems that this versus paper cups that this would be less friendly if you don’t use this for more than one race. I can’t imagine how many of these will get tossed in the trash and never used. Also, this is a self serve option, which seems depending on the size of the race would make for congested water stops. While that was not the case during our races, we brought our own water since we had the stroller to stow it in.

So my question to you is, have you used these before in a race? What do you think? Why do you love them or hate them? Do you think these will become more popular at races?

So back to the 5K….as I was saying packet pickup was a breeze and we waited for our race to start at 6pm by watching the kids fun run. It was so awesome to witness all these families out with their children encouraging a healthy lifestyle of running. We got to see some of our friends with all of their kids and it’s just a fun site to see the whole family taking part. It’s going to be so fun to see Chase running in these races and getting her medal. πŸ™‚

Us before the race that I posted on twitter.

The 5K was a small field of people and we were the only stroller. We started in the very back. It proved challenging because the path of the Constitution Trail isn’t wide enough for even the smallest race, so it gets congested easily. We carefully passed people when possible and finally got out in the open to set our own pace by Mile 1. The course winds through Tipton Park, which has sometimes caused race path direction confusion (more on that for Saturday’s race), but they had this course well marked with volunteers pointing the way.

It was a perfect night for running and we really enjoyed this race. I pushed as hard as I could, even though I hadn’t been running and was so exhausted from the past week. I was able to fight through it and come out with 25:42, which was an improvement on my previous post-baby 5Ks and good enough for 1st in my age group and 3rd in Rob’s age group.

Again, Chase slept the whole way while running. I think she really enjoys our running time. She usually looks mesmerized by the trees, sky, and breeze and then peacefully closes her eyes and starts to snooze. πŸ™‚

We didn’t stick around for awards though. We haven’t done an evening race with Chase before and it was definitely getting close to her bedtime. So we got her home, fed, and ready for bed.



8:17 Pace

Overall: 15/76

F: 5/44

F 35-39: 1/7


2013 Eureka Heart House – 10K – 58:20

Race Takeaway: Hills zap me, but at least I’m out moving.

This morning was the Heart House 2 Mile Walk / 4 Mile Race/ and 10K Race in Eureka, IL. It was low 50s, sunny, but breezy.

Racing with a baby has changed my approach to race morning. Before Chase I would make sure we were up and hustling to get ready so that we would get to the race with more than enough time. I would stress if we aren’t at a race at least an hour ahead. I want to know that we have enough time to park, register or pick up our packet, get extra warm up clothes off, bibs on, and a warm up with time to spare. Now that’s all changed.

Rob and I still move with focus and hustle in the morning, but the X factor is how is Chase feeling. And Rob and I are both okay with whatever happens. In the case of this morning Chase was extra hungry and took her time eating. Plus she pooped three times (it happens), which meant lots of changes before getting her all bundled up for the race. We weren’t stressed at all. We were like “hey if she doesn’t seem happy we won’t go”, and she was a totally happy baby. And when we got out the door very late, we figured “hey maybe we will just have a nice drive and go out for a run somewhere”.

Turns out we made it there with about 15 minutes, which was just enough time to get ourselves registered and Chase ready.

Chase was super snuggy warm with her pumpkin hat, long sleeved onesie, cardigan, pants, two pair of socks, and two blankets. She probably doesn’t need all of that, but we would rather go over board bundling her up because it’s always easy to remove a layer. πŸ™‚

We decided this race Rob would still push Chase and we would each run our own pace. Rob would take it easy on any turns or bumpy road conditions.

This race is HILLY. I’ve never been good with hills, even in my best shape so this was a butt kick for me today. I only passed Rob and Chase briefly at mile 2 where it was gravel, Rob was walking to make sure it wasn’t too bumpy for Chase. He then got past me before mile 3. I managed to keep my pace under 9 minute miles for the first three miles, but I was zapped by the hills and just survived the rest of the way. I just told myself it was good to be out and moving no matter what to be a good example to Chase. After mile 4 it was awesome to be able to see in the distance Rob ahead on the course pushing the stroller and picking up speed. There is no way I could have survived with pushing the stroller on this course, I’m so glad Rob was happy to do it. Chase slept the whole way too. πŸ™‚

Rob and Chase finished in 52:30 and I was done at 58:20.

I nursed Chase afterward in the back of the car and Rob went to check the results.Β This was a very small field so Rob and I both got 2nd in our Age Groups.

Us with our finisher medals and Chase. Chase was ready to go and we headed out.

2013 Eureka Heart House 10K



9:25 Pace


2013 Morton Pumpkin Festival – 10K – 56:59

Race Takeaway: First race as a family felt amazing!

This morning was our first race as a family, the Morton Pumpkin Festival 10K. It was a chilly 50 degrees when we left for the race so we made sure Chase was bundled up, including wearing her new pumpkin hat.


This festival is quite big so we always make sure to get there early due to parking. We got there and parked with no issues.

Chase all bundled up.



While picking up our race packets I got to meet Michelle. Thank you Michelle for saying hi and reading my blog! So nice to meet you!!


We waited around for the race to start, but it was delayed by 30 minutes due to a car accident on the route. Luckily Chase napped the whole time.


Once the race got going we took our time weaving the stroller through the crowd. We took the course wide and stayed on the outside to make sure we were not in the way. Rob let me set the pace so I tried to gauge my effort knowing we had miles to go. It was awesome having runners comment on how cute Chase is. Plus they were impressed with me being out racing. It felt good to have people saying “go mama” and “good job”.

Time passed by quickly and before we knew it we were back in 56:59. Chase slept the whole way. πŸ™‚ Chase’s first race done! Her with the finisher’s medal.


After the race I met another reader, Tim. So nice to meet you Tim! I hope your race went well today!



9:22 Pace

Past race performances:

2012 – Morton Pumpkin Festival – 10K – 46:45

2008 – Morton Pumpkin Festival – 10K – 1:00:42

2007 – Morton Pumpkin Festival – 10K – 1:00:55