Enjoying every second of life and running.


Cubby Bear

We have big news in the airplane department!!

We have sold our RV-7 that we built ourselves and we are now the proud owners of a 1945 J-3 Cub. Rob learned to fly tailwheel in a Cub and has always wanted to have one. It will be a new set of adventures flying in a vintage plane.

We are also starting our next build project, a Hatz Classic with a radial engine. I will post a website for the build when we get going on the project. I will also get more pictures added to the flights page too.

Example photo of a Hatz Classic with a radial engine.


Heal Myself

Rob and I went to yoga this morning. Each session they start off with meditative breathing and we are supposed to come up with what the personal intent we hope to achieve at the session. Today I chose to focus on the phrase “heal myself”. I have felt some tightness in my hips and knees from the marathon and it felt so good to stretch out. I even found soreness in my shoulders with some of the poses we did. I love that after doing yoga it is like having a massage, it’s so relaxing.

Later that evening we took a flight over to see Drew for dinner.

Ready to roll.

Heading out.

Almost there.

And heading back home.

Getting ready to land.

When we got home I ran 5 Miles Easy on the Treadmill.


Up and Away

This morning Rob and I went out for a 7 Miles Recovery and donned hats and gloves for the first time of the fall season. Afterward we met up with Drew for a yummy Sunday Brunch at a local restaurant.

Then Rob and I took a quick flight just around the area. I haven’t been up since his second batch of painting.

Flying over some lakes that some of the local races are held at.

The paint job, almost done!

Then this evening we took Coco for a quick walk and later I did an hour on the Exercise Bike.

This recovery week ended up with the following workouts:

M: Rest

T: Bike 8 Miles Easy (30:00, 16MPH Pace, P1, L4)

W: Rest

R: 4 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 33:26, 8:22 Pace)

F: 5.2 Miles Easy (T Park, 45:06, 8:41 Pace), Upper Body and Ab Strengthening

Sa: Bike 10.3 Miles Easy (45:00, 13.73MPH Pace, P2, L3)

Su: 7.16 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 59:43, 8:21 Pace), Bike 16.1 Miles Interval (1:00:00, 16.1MPH Pace, P5, L3)

Total Miles: 16.36



The last couple of days have been super busy, let me try to recap.

Friday was spent at the salon getting my hair darker. It’s very dark, but with all the running it keeps lightening up so fast. I doubt I will continue to get it this dark, but it’s fun to play around with the color and see what I like. I’m betting in the seven weeks until my next visit it will lighten up too with all the running in the sun.

Rob and I had a nice lazy lunch outdoors at one of our favorite spots. Then we got in our 5 Miles Easy and I did 6 X 50s afterward.

5 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 41:42, 8:21 Pace)


Then it was on to a Peoria Chiefs baseball game (they are the minor league team to the Cubs). It was a lot of fun! A yummy MGD 64 and peanuts hit the spot. This game wasn’t crowed at all. We were surprised more people in the community don’t attend the games, it’s a nice way to be outdoors, chat away and cheer on the team.

I have peanut shell in my hair, nice.

Saturday was just as busy. First on the agenda was our second hill workout of the week. We don’t have many hills in our town, this one being grass makes it great for this sprinting type work. Thursday we ran up the middle and found the distance to be shorter, this time we went up the left hand side and it added another 100 feet.

We did a warm up, 8 Hills Sprints with walks down and then cool down around the area.

2.44 Warm Up (Jersey Ave, 22:01, 9:01 Pace)

1.23 Hill Sprints 8 W/Walks Down (Jersey Hill, 20:54, 17:00 Pace)

1.7 Cool Down (Jersey Ave, 16:11, 9:32 Pace)

This workout left me feeling sore in my right Achilles. We grabbed some bags of ice from the gas station and made ice baths.

Then it was time to put some flying back into this FlyRunner blog. Those who don’t read my ramblings regularly you may not have picked up on the fact that my husband and I built our own airplane. I haven’t been blogging about our flights because there hasn’t been any trips lately as Rob has been painting it. He is half way done! When finished it will be a partial paint and polish job, meaning that we want to leave the major parts of the aluminum exposed to show our rivet work. It was so much time and energy to put together that we weren’t wanting to cover it all up with paint. The plane isn’t even properly polished yet, so when we get done with painting that will be the next step and then it will really shine. 🙂

Us leaving for our flight. We headed over to Eagle Creek, IN to have lunch at Rick’s Boatyard Cafe and then to Trader Joe’s for some grocery shopping.

I love how all the farmers’ fields are green. Much nicer to look at than the drab brown of fall/winter.

Our view while we ate lunch outside. 

This trip wasn’t without adventure. We had lunch and took the pilot crew car to Trader Joes. We had a nice shopping trip and then stopped in at Starbucks. I got my first big city Starbucks mug (Indianapolis), yay! We got back to the airport to find out that there had been an incident. A plane had come in for landing and ended up on its nose. The pilot and passenger were unharmed, thank goodness. The FAA shut down the airport to do their investigation, which left us with a 3 hour delay. We spent our time and money at Best Buy and then had a light dinner at Rick’s. Once we were finally permitted to leave, it was so nice to get home. I was wiped from the long day and passed out asleep as soon as I curled up on the couch.

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Mercedes Marathon Training: Week 3 Day 6

Today started out as a good day for a flight so we set out to see my family. As we were almost there we ran into rain. Rain in cold weather can lead to icing, which can become dangerous for aircraft without de-icing (like a commercial plane) so we turned around and went back home. Better to be safe than sorry.

Us during the flight.


I did 30 minutes warm up on the exercise bike and then ran 4 Miles Recovery on the treadmill with 2% incline (my default is 1% so I wanted to put a little bit more on this time).


Mercedes Marathon Training: Week 3 Day 5

Rob and I went into work for the morning. Afterward it was so gorgeous out, sunny and light winds (as opposed to the 40-50 mph gusts for the last two days), that we decided to go for a flight. But not just any flight, we took Coco for her very first ride in our plane (or any plane for that matter). She was such a good girl. 🙂 We bought her Mutt Muffs, which is hearing protection for dogs and she wore them the whole flight with no problem. The only part of the flight she didn’t like was the take off. Even though Rob kept the climb less steep, the roar of the engine startled her. I had her in my lap the whole time and loved on her tons. We only went up for a few minutes and then landed. Surprisingly the landing didn’t upset her and she was very chill as we taxied back to our hanger. I think we will keep the flights short and see if she seems to get used to it. If not, no biggie. She is our angel and I’m so glad she did so well.

Us before the flight.

After the flight I ran some errands and then did 11 Miles on the treadmill, sit ups and squats on the BOSU. Now it’s time to get ready to see the limited showing of our favorite band, Dave Matthews Band, featured in a 3D documentary.


Mercedes Marathon Training: Week 1.2 Day 5.2

What a week it has been! Such a whirwind of fun! Yesterday was a very early morning full of cooking and cleaning before everyone arrived for dinner. We had a bunch of my side of the family over and had a great time. The food turned out amazing and afterward we all played Wii Resort and Rockband. Grandma kicked serious butt in bowling. And I got some Wii elbow from the fencing game. It was such a good time!

A few pics of us from the day. Rob and I after everything is prepared. I love my new apron, I got it from Pier 1.

And some pics in front of the Christmas tree.
I was so wiped after everyone left that I decided to move my rest day and relax. It has been non-stop for us all week and it felt good to kick back.
This morning we woke up to gorgeous weather and decided to take a flight somewhere new. Us getting ready to go.
We flew up the Schaumburg, IL to an airport restaurant called Pilot Pete’s. The food was very good and there was so many things on the menu I want to come back and try. The restaurant is decorated in everything aviation. An ultralight was hanging from the ceiling.
After lunch before we headed back home Rob wanted to fly us over Lake Michigan so we could get an up close view of the Chicago skyline. It was the best flight that I’ve had so far! I love Chicago and seeing it from this vantage point was breath taking. Being out over the lake and so up close to the buildings was utterly amazing. I shed a few tears as we came up on the skyline because I was overwhelmed by the beauty and the thought that we were actually flying next to Chicago in an airplane that we built! I was just so proud, awestruck, and excited that this was really something we made happen. It was a lot of hard work to build this plane and it’s so great to finally be able to enjoy what we did. This was something I just had never dreamt about doing. The pictures cannot do it justice. There was a bit of haze out and the sun brought out a glare/reflection in some of the pictures, but here are some of the shots I got.
Bye Chicago, we will be back!!
When we got back into town it was time to hit the local running store for some day after Thanksgiving sales. Rob got a new pair of Nike Lunar Trainers and I got Nike Lunarglide+ to try in Metalic Summit White/Orange. I ran in them on the treadmill for my 9 Miles GA and they felt good! So I’ll be test driving them out for awhile. Our store has a nice two week exchange policy so if they don’t work out I can always go back to my past shoe models.


Marathon Recovery: Week 4 Complete

What a jam packed weekend! I’ll try to recap…

Friday we had lots of errands and we both had to work in the afternoon. Afterward we had dinner with our friends the Shippys, at Medici. After dinner we got a text from our friends Mike and Jamie that they were out at Entourage so we joined them for a drink.

Me and Jamie:

Rob and Mike:

Saturday we worked for 5 hours trying to complete the tile backsplash in our kitchen. We got it all done but some small finishing touches that we hope to get wrapped up next week. The whole thing will have taken about 25 hours over 5 days in total. Luckily we did it in chunks as we had time.

We are also getting a fence installed and it’s about done! It will be so nice to have a fenced in back yard.

So after our 5 hours of home improvements we had to bust out 8 miles before a concert. I got us tickets to Lynard Skynard as a part of Rob’s birthday. The 8 miles was supposed to include 8x100M strides, but I had IT band tightness after 4 miles and only made it through one stride and knew I was going to have to head back home to finish on the treadmill. Then we had a quick dinner and it was off to see Skynard! Freaking awesome show! We almost got kicked out too, they were ticked that I was taking video of the show and said they would need to take our camera, the video card, or leave so we said okay we will go and started to make our way to the exit. Then they came and said we just need to delete the video, I played dumb and fumbled with the camera and the guy was like good enough and left. Then on the way home we saw two tour busses getting on the highway and I was like “it’s them!”. The busses had no markings but they were very much very high end and then we saw the second license plate said “Ass Kicking Southern Rock”, oh yeah! We honked a ton at the busses. 🙂



Today we woke up to a beautiful day that was absolutely perfect for flying. So we headed over to Indiana for lunch at Rick’s Boatyard Cafe.

Louie ready to go for a flight.

Us ready to go. I’ve been having to wear my glasses due to a stupid scratch on my eye. It will be a very long week until I have my follow up doctor appointment to verify it’s all healed, blah.
The view from our table outside.
A Stearman flew over. 🙂
They have delicious seafood. Rob put up with me taking pictures of our food. It makes us look like ubertourists or aliens, but whatever, this food had to be captured. Behold the best bread I have ever had (and I actually hate bread). It has all kinds of seeds in it and the whipped butter is honey pecan, it is freaking amazing.
Rob’s dish. Bayou Fettuccine. Rob shared one of the shrimp with me it was so good!!
I was feeling pasta too. My dish. Maryland Blue Crab Ravioli. It had a lot of oil and white wine, but was very good. I was able to eat half of this beauty. Based on how good that shrimp was next time I’m going for grilled scallops or shrimp!
We took a short walk by the water to relax before hoping in the plane.
Heading out. All of the sailboats and Rick’s and the FBO right across the street.

We got back about 3pm and had to hurry home to change and get our 10 Mile run in before the sun was down. I wasn’t feeling great though. Apparently I wore my Nike shorts with built in lead cause I felt like dead legs tonight. I wore a knee brace and that seemed to keep my IT band happy enough to finish the run. I’ll be looking forward to next week and hope it brings better runs.

This week was so busy I didn’t get in any cross training. That is something I also hope to fix next week as it is officially our last week of marathon recovery!

Here is what I did get done:
M: Rest
T: 7 Miles General Aerobic (Treadmill, 1-1.5% incline, 59:15, 8:28 pace)
W: Rest
R: 5 Miles Recovery (Treadmill, 1% incline, 42:47, 8:34 pace)
F: Rest
Sa: 5.49 Miles GA + Speed (only one stride) (‘Hood, 46:09, 8:25 pace), 2.51 Miles GA (Treadmill, 1% incline, 20:37, 8:13 pace)
Su: 10 Miles GA (‘Hood, 1:26:02, 8:37 pace)

Total: 30 Miles


Marathon Recovery: Week 1 Complete

Coco’s health keeps improving which we are so happy about! Since she has been eating and resting well we were able to take a flight to visit our friends Drew and Kelsey for lunch.

When we got back we worked on house stuff and I had to do work to catch up from the hectic week. Then I did 5 miles recovery on the treadmill.

This is how my week turned out. I got all of my runs in over the weekend:
M-R: Rest
F: Bike 3.9 Miles Warm Up (P1, L4, 15 mins, 15.6 mph), 4 Miles Recovery (Treadmill, 1% incline, 33:01, 8:16 pace)
Sa: Bike 3.9 Miles Warm Up (P1, L5, 15 mins, 15.6 mph), 4 Miles Recovery (Treadmill, 1% incline, 32:31, 8:08 pace)
Su: 5 Miles Recovery (Treadmill, 1% incline, 39:20, 7:52 pace)

Total: 13 Miles

A cool side note: I went over my running log and noticed that I passed 1,000 miles for 2009 on my Sunday run. That’s a first for me in one year, can’t wait to see what 2010 brings!


Marathon Recovery: Week 1 Day 6

We went back to the vet again today for a check up, making it everyday at the vet for the last six days. They were happy with her progress and sent us home to continue her recovery. She still isn’t eating like her normal pug self so hopefully she will perk up through the weekend. She is doing MUCH better than earlier this week so all of the medicines seem to be helping.

Since she was resting comfortably we took a short flight for lunch.

Afterward I did a 15 minute warm up on the exercise bike and then ran 4 miles easy on the treadmill.