Enjoying every second of life and running.


2012 July Recap

This month is the start of finally feeling back to normal! It was also the highest running mileage I’ve had in four months!

Run: 183.6 Miles in 25:18:19

Bike: 27.1 Miles in 1:58:42

Strengthening: 2 Times in 1:05:00

I’m so happy for the increase in mileage from the 81 in June, but that it’s been healthy miles! I have been feeling better every day! Here are some highlights in July.

Trying to take a self-portrait of my mis-matched running attire with my phone is tricky.

While there was no record breaking times at least I got to race the following:

Park to Park 5 Mile

Dog Days 5K

RNR Half Marathon Chicago

Bix 7


2012 June Recap

Ah June….from the running department there unfortunately isn’t much to report. Being injured meant shut down for two weeks and then limited running as my Graston’s progress improved.

Running: 81.2 Miles

Strength Training: 8 Sessions (lots of yoga)

Cycling: 13.9 Miles

I’m not cleared to run and have to work on getting fitness back. I feel like a new runner starting over. Last weekend Rob and I both picked up head cold, sinus-muck of some sort and neither of us have been able to shake it. We will be running Park to Park 5 Mile race tomorrow and I know it will be brutal. Stuffy head and dead legs….I will be wishing for death the whole way, but I know I need to get out there and do it. It will be the painful jump start needed to get back into things and to kick off Chicago Marathon training.

While my running mileage has been low, there are still highlights in June.

Rob got 1st in his Age Group in the Galesburg Half Marathon Express!

We have been making progress on our house projects. If you follow me on twitter you’ve seen some pics here and there. I may do a post of the progress at some point since it’s where we’ve been spending our free time lately.

I got to cheer on Rob, Drew, and everyone at Steamboat Classic.

I got to do a little yoga and cycling….it’s a start!

July we will have some more races, after Park to Park tomorrow we will be at RNR Chicago and Bix7, can’t wait!!!

Anyone racing for the 4th?? What distance?? You ready to race, just coming back, or out to have fun??


2012 May Recap

Running Total for the Month: 158.4 Miles 22:27:34

Bike Total for the Month: 6.6 Miles 29:46

Strength Total for the Month: 3 Times

My running mileage was essentially the same as last month. This is due to not being able to get in the time to run higher mileage, but I am happy with my consistency for this month. Even if I only was able to get in 3 miles at the end of the day, I have been pretty consistent about running often and that I feel has been helpful.

Technically I did bike and strength train more than last month, but it’s still very low. More improvement to come in that department. Although I am going to unofficially count moving over 175 wood boards for framing our basement from the lumber yard to our garage and then stacked into our basement as strength training too.

Highlights for May include:

Getting the basement project planned and going.

We attended our friend Zach’s wedding, which was beautiful and his family was so nice. Plus we enjoyed the photo booth they had.

Running our friend’s race the Pork Chop 4 Miler

Hope you all had a productive and fun May! We have a lot on our calendar for June so I’m looking forward to more update to come!


2012 April Recap

Just a few days late on stats for April, but I want to try to get back to doing a monthly recap. I hope to include my workout statistics and some highlights each month.

2012 April Stats:

Running –  159.4 Miles, Time 23:09:15

As expected my running mileage overall on a marathon month drops due to taper and recovery. This month was twice as light because it was my first time completing two marathons in two weeks. What is not cool is how I’ve let strength training drop off. I have to make an effort to keep strength training activities as important as running sessions. Hopefully these monthly status posts will help keep it in the front of my mind because I will be reporting on it.

2012 April Running Highlights:

Ah so many for April, but here are a few that bubble up to the top.

My first no tummy issue race! And every race since! Woo hoo!!!!

Boston Marathon – of course you knew I would say that! 😀

Getting to hang out with Natalie! I can’t imagine the Boston Marathon without time with her!

BAA 5K run with Rob – such a fun way to see the Boston Common area together

Rob and I at a Boston Red Sox game, seeing them win and getting to sing “Sweet Caroline”

Running IL Marathon 5K with Rob as a fun run.

Running the IL Marathon 2 weeks after Boston, making me a Marathon Maniac!


One of my favorite hill workouts was with Team Steam doing hill ladders. I hope we get to do this one again!

2012 April Other Highlights:

Best Lobster (maybe meal) Ever!! Barking Crab Naked Lobster Roll – Boston, MA

Meeting up with Alaina in Boston. She is so nice and makes us feel like Bostonians by taking us around the area.

I went back to being blonde. Change of pace for a while.

Our friend Kelsey got married! Us with the Best Man Drew! 🙂

Planning to plan – that’s the best way to sum it up. Rob and I have some new adventures picked out for running, flying, the house and such. As plans start to solidify I will begin posting about them, so more to come! I’m very excited to have some new things on our horizon!


It’s a Runner’s World


Monday (1/30):

Yoga 45 Mins

Tuesday (1/31):

6 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 49:05, 8:11 Pace)

2012 January Stats:

Run: 209.1 Miles, Bike: 24.9 Miles, Strength: 3 hrs 35 mins

Wednesday (2/1):


Thursday (2/2):

6.1 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 53:22, 8:45 Pace)

2.9 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 25:18, 8:44 Pace)

Friday (2/3):

4 Miles Easy (Treadmill, Boston Marathon Course, -3% – +4.5% Incline, 35:16, 8:49 Pace)

11 Miles Lactate Threshold w/ 6 Miles @ HMGP (Treadmill, 1:26:15, 7:51 Pace)

Saturday (2/4):

7 Miles Easy (Treadmill, Boston Marathon Course, -3% – +4.5% Incline, 59:17, 8:29 Pace)

Sunday (2/5):

20 Miles Long (Treadmill, Boston Marathon Course, -3% – +6.5% Incline, 2:43:00, 8:09 Pace)

Weekly Total: 57 Miles

Monday (2/6):

6 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 54:41, 9:07 Pace)

I tried out the chia seeds! I put a tablespoon into my blended green monster. They start out looking like poppyseeds and then they absorb the moisture in the smoothie and puff up a bit. They have no taste that I noticed and weren’t too annoying (not like a strawberry seed can be in a smoothie). I didn’t notice any instant benefits from it, still I will keep them as a part of my smoothie and yogurts.

Also, I got us registered for some races including 2012 Chicago Marathon and can you believe the race is already SOLD OUT?! How amazing!! I’m so excited to get to race Chicago Marathon again and I’m happy that so many people are interested too!

We also got registered for the 5K during the Boston Marathon weekend! We didn’t run the 5K last year when we were there for the Boston Marathon so we definitely wanted to this year as a fun run prior to the main event!


A Fresh Year

I’m already in love with 2012 and it’s just begun. I love the idea of a fresh start. A year in running can bring so much perspective and this is the perfect time of year with no races to come up with a game plan of how to approach the upcoming year.

First a look back at 2011 and the things I loved and things I’ve learned.

Learn) My digestion issues are not to be ignored or taken lightly.

During races I was getting waves of pain that send me running to the bathroom. Gluten has not been my friend. The Chicago Spring Marathon was my ultimate breaking point that showed me I had to take a look at my nutrition. I’ve not been officially diagnosed with celiac disease, but have noticed that omitting gluten has helped my stomach troubles. Now when I even slide on a meal and eat something with gluten I notice within hours, without even having to run a race to find out.

Love) I’m forever changed by the Boston Marathon.

There really is nothing like the Boston Marathon and racing it my first time was an amazing memory that I will cherish forever. I cannot wait to go back in 2012 and experience it again now knowing what to expect. I love the time with Rob in Boston running, going to a Red Sox game, and checking out the historic restaurants and sites. In 2012 we plan to run the 5K the day prior to the race. At 2011 Boston I enjoyed getting to have lunch with Alaina and spend some time seeing the town with her. I was also lucky to have met Natalie while we waited for the bus to Hopkington. Natalie made the wait in athletes village an enjoyable experience and felt like I was hanging out with someone I had known forever.

Learn/Love) Cheering a Marathon is hard on my heart.

Don’t get me wrong, I love cheering on other runners, especially Rob and Drew. At the Illinois Marathon I shouted so loud at Rob and announced to everyone on the street that my husband was coming that everyone else cheered for him too. 🙂 I had just done Boston two weeks prior and since I’m not used to the hills it really worked my legs. Still it was hard to watch everyone in the marathon doing something I wanted to be doing as well. Even if I had the slowest race ever, I could have been out there being a part of the event. 2012 my plan is to race it even after Boston, even if my legs are toast, my heart needs it.

Learn) Numbers are tools and do not define me.

In 2011 I put too much pressure on myself regarding numbers, past PRs, training goal pace, weight, etc. None of the emphasis I put on those numbers helped me, if anything it hurt me. Between my stomach and my piriformis recovery I never gave myself a mental break for not being where I expected to be numbers-wise. I need to use numbers as tools to building my training, but not to beat myself up for not breaking a course time or PR for myself. I won’t be able to control the injuries or adversities I may face in training. Instead I will use the numbers for training and keep my worries on the things I can control and that is consistent training, nutrition, flexibility, strength, and recovery.

I will still share my stats, but knowing it’s one piece of a bigger picture.

For instance December my mileage is coming back to a training level with 210.2 Miles making my end of year running miles total 2,389.1 Miles. More than last year, but only by 100 miles. I lost 8 weeks of training from my injury recovery. I do love seeing that I ran 335 hours in 2011, almost averaging an hour a day in running alone. That just makes me smile because being active is just such an essential part of being healthy and preventing disease. I’m proud and happy to be moving.

Love) I love the wolfpack of course!

Love) I love sharing the love of running.

I love how running is infectious and so many people at our work and in our community have taken up the sport. It’s so accessible and there is always new ways to learn and grow. I love hearing about others accomplishments and it keeps me inspired to keep going. I’ve got to have some fun runs with my friends, finish a half marathon hand in hand with Rob, go to yoga class with Rob and our friends, go shopping and meet up with friends at major race events and post celebrations.

Plus I love getting to meet people that I’ve chatted with through running blogs. And it’s been really fun to run into people at expos at the race event with “Are you FlyRunner?”. It’s the best feeling to have someone introduce themselves and get to thank them in person for reading my posts and keeping in touch. I love hearing about other people’s races. I get just as excited meeting a fellow blog reader or poster like I’m meeting a professional athlete like Kara Goucher, so be prepared for me to a bit nerdy if we meet in person. The running community is full of some of the coolest people and getting to meet people because of blogging is such a bonus!

So for 2012 I wish all of us loads of healthy exercise hours, opportunities to be challenged and push to another level (in ways that may not be measured by a number), to have lots of smiles and to make others smile too. 

♥ Happy New Year! ♥


January 2011 Stats


Sunday (1/30):

20 Miles Long (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 2:51:43, 8:36 Pace)

Monday (1/31):

6 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 2% Incline w/6% Incline for last mile, 50:47, 8:28 Pace)

Weight Lifting

Sunday’s run closed out the week at 75.1 Miles and today’s run closes out the month with a new monthly mileage high for me!!

Run: 325.2 Miles

Bike: 14.7 Miles

Strength Training: 12 Times

I’ve never ran over 300 Miles in a month until now! I love the higher mileage, the more I run the more I seem to enjoy it! I’m also happy to finally making strengthening occur over twice a week.