Enjoying every second of life and running.


Take Me Out To The Ball Game

After the BAA 5K Rob and I got coffee and I started to get caught up on blogging. We then got ready and made our way to Fenway for the Red Sox vs The Rays.

One thing we weren’t aware of is you can apparently bring your own water into the ballpark. We will definitely be doing that next time! I am in major hydration mode because tomorrow’s marathon forecast is 87 degrees. It is going to be wicked hot (insert Bostonian accent here) and it’s not marathon weather at all. So much that the BAA has announced that those who pick up their packet may choose to defer the race if they don’t start the race. They will have to re-pay for 2013, but they will automatically get in at registration time. They issued a strong email warning about anyone who is not in optimal health that they should NOT race. I hope everyone considers their personal situation and makes good choices and if that choice is to race, to just take it as relaxed as possible. It is a dangerous thing and we will all need to be mindful of how we feel, fuel, hydrate and back off the pace. I plan to run now very relaxed and just get this one into the books.

Okay back to the game…

Well for starters we found lobster rolls at the game and it was really good!

The game was great! It’s hard to believe that it was 72 degrees out and that tomorrow could be another 15 on top of that, yikes!

The game was everything we could want: relaxing, eventful, doing the wave, singing “Sweet Caroline”, all good stuff. I even held up my jacket and got on camera for a nanosecond. 🙂 Red Sox won 6-4!! Yeah buddy!!

After the game we headed to Whole Foods for some light eats and then back to our room so I could organize my race gear, stuff to take to Hopkinton, and the bag Rob will bring when he meets me at the family meet up area. Now it’s time for some shut-eye! Goodnight and good luck to everyone at 2012 Boston Marathon!!


2012 BAA 5K – 23:25

This morning we got up at 6am to get ready for the BAA 5K race. The race was at 8am and it was very easy logistically to get some coffee, a banana and then get over to the start in Boston Common. The weather was about 60 degrees with the highs forecasted in the mid-70s for the day.

Heading out to the race.

We had time to get a few pictures while we waited.

The race size was about 6,000 runners and while they had suggested paces to line up to everyone just lined up where ever they felt like it. Since this was going to be a fun run for Rob and I it was no biggie to us. We were fine with having to run around people and weren’t worried about keeping a particular pace.

Looking towards the start.

Behind us.

Before we knew it we were off. We ran conservative and looked for openings to move ahead. We were able to break through the groups of people and find space after the first mile. There were some good inclines in the race that stayed made a sort of loop around the area. There were a lot of beautiful homes and historic statues to enjoy along the way. At 1.5 mile Rob said “I’m loving running this with you so much and it’s already halfway over”. I agreed, it was so nice to be out running through Boston and I’m so glad we added this event to our trip. We made our final turn from Dalton to Boylston just like the marathon will tomorrow. Rob got to see first hand the feeling of coming through the finish. The finish just gets you unlike any other race. We passed a few more people and were in with a 23:25 holding hands and smiling. 🙂

They handed us a nice medal and a goodie bag with G2, fruit and other treats, not bad for a 5K!



7:34 Pace

Overall: 844/5253

F: 195/2973

F 35-39: 28/452

After the race we headed back for coffee and to get ready to go to the Red Sox game! More about that soon!


2012 Boston Marathon Expo

After a really good sleep Rob and I still got up fairly early to get in a run before our busy day began. We decided to check out the exercise room of our hotel since Rob will be doing a long run on the treadmill Monday morning while I am racing. The fitness facility was really nice and I got in 6 miles easy.

Then we got showered and headed out the door to the expo. We decided to walk the ~3 miles to the expo since it was so nice out and we could take pictures along the way.

We got to the area and realized we needed to get moving if we were going to make our lunch reservations at the Barking Crab. We hustled through bib and shirt pick ups for the Marathon and the 5K we would both be running on Sunday.

After collecting my bib and shirt we got our 5K bibs and shirts. The merchandise area of the expo was mayhem. They had a section set up right after bib/shirt pickup that was very tight. It seemed to have a limited selection and luckily a nice employee informed us that the major booth was at the center of the expo and this was just a smaller set up with limited stuff. This helped save us some time because we had a lunch reservation to get to. We made our way to the larger adidas store area and grabbed the few things I had my eye on.

Since we are tight on time we went to lunch and came back afterward to take a couple of pictures before leaving.

The Barking Crab was PHENOMINAL!!!! One of the best meals we have ever had!! We had a reservation, but if you are fine with getting there at open at 11:30 you may be able to get a sit with little waiting. This place is super popular and we see why.

The bloody mary was unique and was lighter in taste, but had bits of crab in it, which is an outstanding idea!

The chowder was very good!

The oysters were the BEST EVER!!!!

And then finally, literally the best food EVER EVER EVER. The naked lobster roll!! Holy crap is it good!!!

We met a nice couple seated at our picnic table. After chatting with them we rolled ourselves back to the expo for a couple more pictures.

Then we took advantage of Nike’s free trolly rides back to Niketown in Back Bay.

After a little shopping we got back to the hotel at 3pm to chill for an hour. Here is the BAA 5K and Boston Marathon gear.

And the item I bought. The Supernova Sequencials Jacket. Rob spotted this and said it would be a sweet jacket, I agree!

Supernova Short, I normally wear small in shorts, but these just seemed tiny on the hanger. I panicked and bought medium without trying them on and they are way too big and floaty looking. I will try wearing them with the waistband rolled, but the style just doesn’t work for me after all and I probably won’t by this style again. I do like that they feel very light weight.

The adiZero singlet. I love the lightweight feel and the design. The singlet is longer than I’m used to, but I think I like that. The arm area is cut and looks funny on me, but I can deal with that. Overall I’m happy this singlet.

I LOOOOOOVE the Climacool Speed Backpack and would say that other than the official Boston Marathon Jacket, this bag was my favorite purchase. The bag has so many pockets and compartments. It is streamlined and smaller than past adidas bags that I’ve had. This is just a great bag with well thought out design and is something we will carry for years to come so it seems like a great investment.

Last year I got a water bottle and I used it often. Unfortunately I dropped it in a parking lot and it caused the aluminum to dent on the bottom so it doesn’t sit flat anymore. This time I thought I would try out the coffee mug since my water bottle still technically still works.

And the pilsner glass. Maybe in the future Rob and I will have a larger set of these. I would like one for every year we get to race. I also got a pin and patch (not pictured).

After a quick rest, we met up with Alaina and David for a walk and some pastry at Modern.Rob and I got to take the train for the first time through Boston and I’m glad Alaina was there to navigate for us.

Then Rob and I took a walk before having dinner at Union Oyster House. The oysters were good as usual and then we tried something new, the Union Lobster Special. A baked lobster stuffed with seafood stuffing. Delicious, as expected!

Then it was time to head home to get to bed early so we could get up for the BAA 5K and then to the Boston Red Sox game.


Sweet Caroline

Ah we are finally in Boston!! We left Thursday afternoon and if you follow me on twitter (and if you don’t, please do!) you saw some of my random posts of our travels and our time here so far. It’s been challenging getting time to get online and sit down to post.

During 18 hours of driving I get to learn new things about my husband, like that he knows the lyrics to this random song I’ve never heard. I was a bit scared and sad for him that he had used up precious storage space on that song.

After our first leg of 8 hours we stopped for the night and were asleep by 10:30pm EST and up again by 4am to get back on the road. Singing along to Dave Matthews doing “Sweet Caroline” live in Fenway was getting me amped to get there. On the way we stopped in Montgomery, NY to get lunch, gas and to take a quick picture in front of Paul Jr. Designs. Paul Jr. is the star in the show American Chopper, which we love to watch.

11 hours of driving and we were finally here!

Rob and I quickly got changed into our running clothes for an easy run around the area. We took time to take a couple pictures on our run.

Afterward we stopped for a little Pinkberry. Mmmmm….small salted caramel with berries.

Then we headed back to the room and got showered and headed out to 5 Napkin Burger for some eats. We split a sushi roll and I had the fish tacos. They were good, but I probably wouldn’t order them again since they weren’t anything special.

After dinner we walked over to Fairmont to say hi to Alaina. Then it was time to head back to our room to pass out, it was a long day!



My Boston Marathon packet arrived Monday. It’s exciting to get because it’s a sign because it’s getting close to time to go! I cannot wait to get out there and enjoy this race again. While we are there we plan to enjoy the town as well.

1) Rob and I hope to meet up with the ladies I met last year. Alaina is such a sweet person and knows the area like the back of her hand, like it’s her job or something. Okay maybe it is. 😉 I met Natalie on the bus to Hopkinton and she was so cool that I felt like we had been friends for years. Plus she was uber prepared for our 2 hour wait and shared everything she had with me since I was definitely under packed for the long wait. Natalie, I promise to come with provisions this year so we can enjoy our camp out. 🙂

Me and Alaina last year.

2) The expo is in a new location this year, the Seaport World Trade Center, which means we will get to see another side of the area and we have a couple new restaurants picked out to try.

3) We are definitely going back to Union Oyster House. The oldest restaurant in the USA and the seafood is so amazing that I can’t compare it to anything else. If you have other restaurant suggestions for our trip, please let me know! 🙂

Us at Union Oyster House last year.

4) We are running the Boston 5K Sunday morning together! It will be so nice to run some easy miles the day before the marathon. Rob and I are excited to add this to our trip this year.

5) We will be going to a Red Sox game Sunday! We had such a good time last year.

6) We will be driving to Boston again this year! It’s quite the road trip, but so much fun! Rob and I enjoy the time together listening to music and seeing the sights as we go. 🙂

I seriously can’t wait for the whole trip!! Not much longer now!!


So Great To Be Back!

I completely under estimated the time it would take to blog while in the midst of traveling and running the marathon, so I will try to catch up. The morning after the marathon we spent a few hours in Boston before getting back on the road. We even got to take more pictures with the oldest fire station.

When we got on the road, we had no real destination. Of course, home, but we wouldn’t make it in one day. It felt a bit adventurous to not know where we would end up. While on the road I want to say that Connecticut and Pennsylvania are beautiful states! We finally settled on staying at a Sheraton in Cuyahoga Falls that overlooked a river with falls. The room was very nice and we had a view of the falls. The food unfortunately was bland. I would suggest finding other locations for dining, but definitely this is a great place to stay.

On the drive home we took an hour out of our way to get new toys! It would have been great at the start of the weekend, but we couldn’t find the exact one I wanted. I’m so excited to use it to blog, keep up one everyone and read books like my first one Kara Goucher’s Running for Women.

The side trip meant we got home later that night and I found out that my girls Amanda and Abby had decorated the house! They had checked with Rob to make sure we would be back and did all of the decorating in the crazy wind. Thanks girls!!!!! You are so awesome!!

They even chalked the sidewalk!

It says Chrischine!!! 😀

A couple pics in the daylight.


2011 Boston Marathon – 3:32:25

The marathon of all marathons – BOSTON!!!!

I was up at 3am to eat breakfast and get ready slowly to make sure I had everything. We headed out to walk to the busses at 5am. We stopped into a Dunkin’ Doughnuts that was open on Boylston. It felt a bit silly to be up and heading to the busses so early. The wave 2 recommended time for busses was 6:30-7:00am, but they would be arriving at 6am. We were warned to get there early!

Once we got to Tremont side of Boston Common we saw that the lines were already forming so it was good that I was there early. Rob and I kissed goodbye and he headed back to the hotel to do his long run. While in line I found out that others were saying that getting in line early for the busses was the best way to go. We were on the first set and by the time they finally left the lines were insanely long.

I made friends with Natalie on the bus ride. It was her first Boston too and she was more prepared than me. She had extra food, a garbage bag to sit on, and just extra everything. She was such a cool girl that we ended up chatting it up in athlete’s village the entire time and it really helped my nerves. Natalie shared her garbage bag to sit on and extra pants. Even though the weather would be great for running it wasn’t warm for sitting on the cold ground for a couple of hours. While we were hanging out I saw my neighbor Kim that was also running! She paid $30 for a chartered bus to get to Hopkinton and it sounded like a sweet deal!

It was a long wait, the longest I’ve ever had for a marathon. Chicago is usually 2 hours, from 5am – 7am. This was 5am – 10:20am and I don’t think I judged how much food to eat correctly.

We bag checked and walked up the to hear the Wave 1 start take off. We stripped layers off and lined up for the Wave 2. Natallie was corral 6 so we hugged and wished each other well. I hope that Natallie had a great race and enjoyed every mile! 🙂 I lined up in corral 1 and within 5 minutes we were off! It was just as everyone who has ran this race before has warned, it easy to get sucked into the first 6 miles of the downhill momentum. Not to mention we had perfect weather and a tailwind. I fought to not get sucked into faster pace. I spent a the first 6 miles checking my watch often to make sure I was taking it easy. I felt totally relaxed and just enjoyed the easy pace. I knew I had to make sure that the first half was easy so I could save my energy on what was ahead.

Around mile 11 or 12 my stomach started to hurt, I knew I was going to have to make a potty stop. The Boston Marathon has frequent and plenty of water and gatorade on the course. Porta-potties, not so much. Each water stop had either a set of two or four only and a line of runners waiting, not good. This meant if I was going to make a stop I was going to have to go for an opportunity when there was one either open or where I would be the next person in line. Even though my stomach started hurting, I refused to let it ruin my mood. On the course the crowds are great. So many people are handing out sliced oranges, candy and popcicles. It was so warm out and I figured my stomach was rocked already, so screw it, I snagged two green popcicles from some kids handing them out. What a nice running treat! I also had a small peppermint pattie, yum!

Before I knew it we were through the half and at girls of Wellsley. There signs were very cute. “Kiss me I’m a chemist”, “Kiss me I’m Canadian”, etc. I saw a few guys get some run by kisses others settled for high fives. That was another thing that I noticed about Boston. Giving 5 was very common, not just with the kids, but all ages. So if you run the edges of the course you better be ready to slap hands with a bunch of people the whole way, don’t hold out on the crowd if you are on the edges. I did a few hand slaps, but then stuck to the middle of the road mostly because the road seemed pretty crowned in areas.

By mile 15 I finally found a porta-potty that I would be the next person in line. I waited and anxiously moved my legs to try and not lock up. I got in and out of there as quickly as I could.

Things in general were a blur. I’m not great at noticing landmarks or buildings. I kept my eyes on the road to keep from tripping on any crack or manhole in the road. I did notice the city signs, but time did fly by quickly. At Newton the hill things still felt good. I felt okay although I knew my pace was slowing. By Heartbreak that was another story. I learned very quickly that I’m still not hill worthy. Every hill my legs began to burn more and more and my left foot felt swollen, which was a new feeling. I was feeling trashed. Luckily I ran into a fellow blogger SkinnyRunner! We chatted for awhile. She is an amazing runner and was so sweet in person. She made the comment that this was the first time she ate candy on a race course (cinnabears and licorice for her) and I said it was the same for me. She was looking strong and made the hills look like any other day for her. Meanwhile after the hills I faded. My legs felt toasted. All my muscles were burning, similar feeling of a first marathon. By mile 22 I hit the wall. I’ve never hit the wall in the marathon, not like that. I was out of gas and my muscles were screaming. The rest of the 4 miles was a mental race to move forward. I looked around and soaked in the crowds screaming and cheering, knowing this was almost over. I wanted to remember this feeling of all of the cheering. I burst into tears of joy and cried for at least a mile while running. The last miles it was so great to be back in Boston and experiencing the large crowds. I only wish that I wasn’t feeling that awful so I could race as fast as my heart wanted to.

While all of this was going on Rob was race commentator to all of our friends, keeping them up to date with texts and posts on facebook. He did an amazing job! He tried to find me in the race, but we just missed each other. He was on the corner of Boylston and Dalton.

I finished in 3:32:25. Not a personal best in time, but the most rewarding feeling!! I felt like I really worked through the last half. The course is such an experience all it’s own and lives up to the legend! I feel like I’ve become a part of something, just like becoming  a Marathoner, I’m now a Boston Marathoner. 🙂

2011 Boston Marathon Medal


Twas the Night Before Boston


Friday (4/15):


Saturday (4/16):

1.49 Miles Easy (Boston Common Area, 19:26, 13:03 Pace)

Sunday (4/17):

3.42 Miles Easy (Gym Treadmill, 30:00, 8:47 Pace)

What a trip Boston has been! Let me try to catch up everything that we have been up to. We got into Boston Friday night and got a very late dinner at 5 Napkin Burger. I had the the Ahi Tuna Burger and it was A-MAZ-ING! We got up early Saturday and walked to the Expo that was super close to our hotel. First a picture in front of the oldest Firestation in the USA.

We got to the Expo at 9:15am, it opened at 9am. It was a very short line at this time and we were quickly inside getting my packet. 🙂

I chatted up the girl in front of me in the line. Her boyfriend (now fiance) proposed to her at the Startline the day before! How cool! He was also running in the marathon, they were both very nice. I congratulated them, wished them well on their race and was off to the take a picture of my bib and get my marathon shirt.


After the Boston Marathon shirt, was the adidas portion of the Expo. We loved the murals so we got a couple of shots. I then loaded up on more Boston gear. 🙂

One more bib number shot before we head out.

The rest of the morning we walked around and took pictures of the amazing buildings. Then it was off to our first Red Sox game!

Our seats were in the bleachers, front row, staring down home plate, Section 36. Great seats if you are looking to check out a game.

The green monster.

It was freezing out. Rob and I were turning into popcicles out there. We were loving the game, but were sniffling and shivering the entire time. Just after the third inning we gave up and left. We got souveniers and enjoyed seeing them hit a home run and they were in the lead. We gave a our tickets to a family that was separated from their kids so they could all sit together for the remainder of the game. Turns out that after we left absolutely no other runs were made, nothing else happend so we didn’t miss any awesome plays. Red Sox Win!!!

Before we left we got a few more pictures.

After warming up in the hotel hot tub we dressed warm for an easy run around the Boston area. We didn’t venture far and it wasn’t much of a run because the area was quite crowded. However we did get pictures at the finish line!

That evening it was time for dinner and I was ready for seafood. We went with our friend Abby’s recommendation to go to Union Oyster House.

So a little bit about this place. First, best Chowda we’ve ever had. Ridiculous good. Same for the oysters, amazing! So fresh, earthly, but crisp tasting. Tip for those planning to check it out, we didn’t make a reservation so it was going to be a 2 hour wait. We didn’t care, we were fine just hanging out at the bar, but this place is packed. We realized that the oyster bar that seats about 10 is a first come first served situation. Make eye contact with the oyster bartender to get “on next” when someone gets up. Then you can either enjoy oysters or chowda while you wait for your table, or do like we did and just eat your whole meal right there. While we sat, drank and ate, we chatted up the people sitting at the bar. There was John, Peggy and their daughter Sarah. With a little encouragement we had John and Peggy slurping oysters. Another nice couple on the other side (sorry I forget their names) and after them a couple sit down and the guy is from our hometown! Not only that his dad works for our company as a lawyer, small world! It was a great experience and the food was outstanding. It’s the oldest restaurant in USA on record. It’s a MUST visit. The area around here is great, the Cheers bar and Mike’s Pastry are also in the vicinity, but it was rainy out so we called it a night after dinner.

Blurry picture of the oyster shucking at the bar.

Rob and I each got fresh lobsters.

Sunday we met up with blogger Alaina for lunch at Parish Cafe. Rob and I split Vegetarian Corn Cakes that were phenominal! Then I had part of a hummus  veggie wrap and red skin potato salad.

Alaina is a local and works at a beautiful and historic Fairmont Hotel. We toured the hotel and Alberto Salazar walked by! We were able to shake his hand and he said “good luck tomorrow in the race”, very cool!

Alaina was so sweet and share with us restaurants and locations to check out when in Boston.

Me and Alaina in front of the Fairmont Hotel.

Later we had our first Pinkberry!! For those of you that have Pinkberry near you, you have no idea how monumental this was for me! It is a tart tasting yogurt with fresh fruit toppings, as many as you can get to fit into the cup. So delicious!

Then we spent time at Niketown. The store was top to bottom in Boston decor, complete with DJ and staff ringing cowbells.